Sasee Gets Personal with Sherry Weatherly: Coastal Luxe Interiors Manager

Q: What makes Coastal Luxe special?“Since opening in 2014, our mission has always been to make the customer’s project their personal dream come true as effortlessly as possible. Our team’s goal is to equip and empower you to make design decisions that function and flow with the style that you truly love – Design that will … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Roger Hudgins: Define Wealth Financial Group Owner

Q: What is the history and mission of Define Wealth?“The business was originally opened in the mid-1980s, but it wasn’t until 2021 that we decided to create our own logo, brand, and marketing campaign as Define Wealth Financial Group. After working in the same office for 18 years, I became a part-owner in 2022 with … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Leigh Simmons: Surf Unlimited Mercantile Owner

Q: Why should locals and visitors explore your shop this summer?“Our shop is a treasured gem that has evolved into an integral part of the Island. Overflowing with local quality brands, it is such a fun boutique to explore. We provide shopping for the whole family and pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Jessica Hughes: Owner of Pink & Red

Q: When did you fall in love with fashion?“I remember looking at magazines as a young girl and trying to recreate looks with items I had in my closet. I realized quickly I liked things that were lively, full of color or pattern. I also used to LOVE watching Miss America or Miss USA. If … Continued

Sasee Get Personal with Alex Uhas: Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping

Q: When did you join Custom Outdoor and what is your role? I moved to the Grand Strand after graduating from college and started working for Custom Outdoor Furniture in August 2019. As the logistics manager, the work I do involves assembling furniture, pulling customers’ orders, receiving incoming shipments, making sure our showrooms are stocked, … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Diane Morgan: Cocora Home Décor & More

Q: When did you move to the Grand Strand? I moved here in 2006. My daughter, Jennifer, and her family moved here in 2020. Q: How long has Cocora been in business? Since we had a successful 41 years doing design & renovations with the parent company, Low Country Homes & Design, LLC, we decided … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Editor Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Q: When you were offered the position as Editor of Sasee Magazine in 2020 we were smack down in the middle of the pandemic. What was your vision going into that year? “With all of the hardship over the previous six months, I was so ready for a positive. I also had so much creative … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Dawn Richardson: Grady’s Jewelers

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

With high hopes, talent, and just a handful of jewelry, Dawn’s father, Grady opened a jewelry shop in 1970. Along with the help of Dawn’s mother, Adelle, the family successfully created a thriving business in Downtown Conway. Just as Dawn earned her degree at Coastal Carolina University, she took over ownership of the store and … Continued

Sasee gets Personal with Pam Burnett: Saltwater Storks & More

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

“The best advice I ever received from my mom wasn’t something she said but rather how she lives her life. She loves sipping coffee in the morning while she begins her day with daily devotionals. She demonstrates a commitment to her family, friends, and church and instills in us a sense of obligation to serve … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Monica Vogel: Bleu

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

“I owe my passion for fashion all to her!” Monica stated when speaking of her mother. Monica grew up in a small town in Illinois, about 50 miles from Chicago. The youngest of four girls, her Mom loved to shop, especially at the famed Marshall Field’s on State Street. Although Monica received a degree in … Continued

Nicole Saenz: Best Buds Creating Community Love

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Taking care of her house plants was Nicole’s favorite way of relaxing between a long day of working a stressful 9-5 job and family time in the evening. Once she lost her healthcare position, due to the pandemic, she started selling plants, making arrangements, and working pop-up markets. Becoming unemployed fortunately gave her the opportunity … Continued

Terri Springs: Life is a Garden, Grow with it

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

As a child, Terri learned about symmetry, color, and texture from her father. She explained, “He had a mindset for designing beautiful things; he was an artist in many ways.” She was the one outside with him creating and keeping up with the yard. She always dreamed of having a garden as beautiful as the … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Sharon Turner: Creative Landscapes

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

As a Georgetown native and Clemson University graduate with a Horticulture and Landscape Design degree, Sharon became the owner of Creative Landscapes in 1979. Although her business offers outdoor space designs and installations, she loves to garden at home during her personal time. She has a vegetable garden as well as a collection of orchids, … Continued