Cover Artist: Bella Pilar

Bella Pilar’s feminine artwork cheerfully revisits the traditional art of fashion illustration, pushing the genre to a whimsical place inhabited by chic yet fanciful ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes, who dress well and clearly live life to the fullest. Trained in fine art, Bella’s career began in New York with work as an … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Wonder-fur World

Before my parents had me, their first (fur)child was a Boykin Spaniel, Rhett. Besides eating all our socks and the occasional shoe, he was an extremely smart pup and a dependable companion. I was allowed to get my very own pet once I reached second grade which is when we got a second Boykin named … Continued

Maxey…Our One-Eared Pirate

“I once was a Pirate what sailed the ‘igh seas—- “  T.S Eliot’s Cat Morgan This pitiful matey literally washed up on our porch during a coastal downpour. He was drenched and looked like a skeleton with barely enough fur to cover his bones. He rubbed up against us while snarling and crying at the … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Sherry Weatherly: Coastal Luxe Interiors Manager

Q: What makes Coastal Luxe special?“Since opening in 2014, our mission has always been to make the customer’s project their personal dream come true as effortlessly as possible. Our team’s goal is to equip and empower you to make design decisions that function and flow with the style that you truly love – Design that will … Continued

The Chicken or the Egg? The Dog or the Cat?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Often, I debate whether a dog makes a person kinder or whether it’s kind folks who care for dogs? Or cats? Or horses? Or, well, any animal that needs tending to and love. When I was a young gal, I always thought I’d be a mom someday … Continued

A Dog to Remember

I finished loading the last of the suitcases into the station wagon and cleaned all of the windows. I just wanted to be certain there would be a clear view of the miles of cornfields, the herds of cows out to pasture, and especially the mountain ranges. I didn’t want anyone to miss a thing … Continued

Creating Fur-Ever Companions

Taking care of pets offers countless benefits – just as humans care for their animals, animals care for their humans too. Committing to a consistent caretaking routine teaches responsibility and gives a person purpose. From walking and playing, the physical activity aspects improve lifestyle changes. The mental health advantages are life-altering. While reducing loneliness and … Continued

All Dogs Go To Heaven

They say, “All Dogs Go to Heaven” but I’m starting to have my doubts. The reason for this is my 10-month-old puppy that we ironically named Gracie. As empty nesters, we thought it would be a good idea to add a furry family member! We might have been wrong! Grace is a Border Collie-Aussie Shepherd … Continued

Helping Hands of Georgetown: Youth Empowerment Program

For more than 30 years, Helping Hands has been forging brighter futures for Georgetown County. As a vital resource, this nonprofit helps those faced with poverty and crisis by providing assistance and opportunities that make real change. Since 1989, their vision has been to support and serve this rural area through sustainable and compassionate programs. … Continued

Cover Artist: Michelle Green

Michelle Green’s passion for art and marketing started with her high school magnet program. She continued her visual arts studies at Florida Atlantic University and after graduation, she opened an online art gallery and continues to grow her business while residing in Orlando, Florida. The artist aims to explore themes of female empowerment, intuition, and … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Always More to Explore

Although I have explored life in many ways, I have not traveled nearly as much as I would like – yet. Most of my traveling was during college when the Tiger Band would accompany the football team for important games. For playoffs, we would spend a full week somewhere and although we had lots of … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Leigh Simmons: Surf Unlimited Mercantile Owner

Q: Why should locals and visitors explore your shop this summer?“Our shop is a treasured gem that has evolved into an integral part of the Island. Overflowing with local quality brands, it is such a fun boutique to explore. We provide shopping for the whole family and pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of … Continued

Camp Like A Girl

The past two years have taught us so many things in life. Everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Jobs can be lost. The housing market has astronomical prices. Food shortages have caused empty shelves at the grocery store. Isn’t life meant to be lived and enjoyed? Life isn’t meant … Continued

Kitti Baker: Turning Accidents into Adventures

Although Kitti has lived on the Grand Strand for over 50 years, her first taste of adventuring abroad was at a very young age. Her time spent living in Germany from age ten to twelve put her on the trajectory of loving to travel. Adventuring keeps her feeling alive and connected to the world. Like … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Roger Hudgins: Define Wealth Financial Group Owner

Q: What is the history and mission of Define Wealth?“The business was originally opened in the mid-1980s, but it wasn’t until 2021 that we decided to create our own logo, brand, and marketing campaign as Define Wealth Financial Group. After working in the same office for 18 years, I became a part-owner in 2022 with … Continued

Travel Transforms

In my essays about travel, I mostly reminisce on present day trips or about ones not too distant in the past. Having said that, I want to tip my hat to my parents and other parents from past generations or currently who have encouraged their kids to travel whether it be to spend a week … Continued

Reborn a Runner

It’s been ten years since I laced up a pair of sneakers and went for my first run. I was oblivious to the fact that running could change a person. But all those miles and minutes I clocked on city streets, with endorphins whooshing through my brain, reprogrammed who I was and recalibrated my understanding … Continued

7 Benefits of Adventure

When the airplane my husband and I were traveling on to Haiti suddenly aborted the landing upon touch down on the small island, it was a moment of epiphany for me. Even while still in the air, the plane rocking violently, lights going off and on, and not knowing whether I would live or die, … Continued

Mare Weston Stewart: Grow Everywhere You Go

The first traveling memory my Aunt Mare recalled was at the age of ten when her eldest sister (my mother) took her to Mexico for a month. She remembers being shocked at how vastly different life was from her South Carolina upbringing. While staying in a rather well-off family’s condo in Guadalajara, she noticed a … Continued

Cover Artist: Sharon Holzer

Twelve years ago, during a stay in Chile, Sharon Holzer experienced a period of mental, artistic, and cultural flourishing alongside a 40-year-old crisis that led her back to her passion for painting. Her artistic message voices the importance of how art is a safe and useful place for uniqueness. She believes that the creation of … Continued