Kim Fox: The Greatest Success is Knowing Yourself

Successful, smart and attractive, Kim Fox learned early in life to follow her bliss. From her first job right out of college to running her own successful marketing business, Kim has been guided by her “what feels right” approach as well as a love for making a difference. The day we chatted, Kim was at … Continued

Ikigai & Me & My Writing Career

Don’t begin your writing career by trying to rival John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath or worse, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Okinawans lead long lives. Here in the USA, we’ve been told that longevity is related to eating healthy, exercising daily, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy weight. The Japanese prescribe to … Continued

Cover Artist: Alexandra Brehm

Alexandra Brehm (born Burgstaller) in 1974 in Salzburg, Germany, scribbled at a very early age on any paintable surface. At the age of 16, she painted a picture for the first time of her art teacher! It was the beginning of her painting career for the public as she began to commission portraits and orders … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Joyful Aging

When I think about my circle of friends, I see a beautiful group of women (and men) who only see age as a number. No matter where they fall chronologically, they have taken aging and made it their ally. One close friend has three jobs – all new challenges she has taken on recently. Several … Continued

The Good, The Bad, and The Oldie

Running from one department store to another, I tried on dozens of hip outfits, and each one made me feel like I was modeling a Halloween costume. I was talking to my brother on the phone the other day. “How are you doing?” I asked. “Oh, you know. The old back is acting up again.” … Continued

Maura and Paul Kenny: A Marriage of Art and Nature

While we chatted in their home tucked away on a quiet street in Pawleys Island, Maura and Paul Kenny told me repeatedly how fortunate they feel to have such satisfying lives. Both are recently retired from prestigious careers, and because they loved their work, Maura and Paul have combined their knowledge and experience into a … Continued

An Old Couch, Two Chairs, and COVID

Over the years, I vacuumed and spot-cleaned that couch, washed the pillows repeatedly, and finally had it recovered. In our first year of marriage, thirty-five years ago, my husband and I acquired a sectional couch with a subtle beige and white pattern. Don’t ask me why I thought a white background was a sensible choice … Continued


Heck, I usually see my favorite hairdresser JP every three weeks, so I had no idea how bad the gray actually was. This era of the COVID19 virus has been very frightening but also very humbling – incredibly humbling. It’s been weird not being able to go where we want to go, when we want … Continued

Read It: August 2020

Happy July! It is officially summer, so as you pack your sunscreen for a day at the beach, make sure to also pack these books in your beach bag. This month has some incredible new releases.

The Race of Ages

Her face contorted with noiseless laughter, so deep I worried a lack of oxygen might damage her brain. The line in the dirt had been drawn. On one side stood my husband, the official of the race, assisted by our excited seven-year-old. Her hands cupped her mouth. “You can do it, Mommy!” From the other … Continued

Savor the Little Things

Then the path turned and led us straight up a hill covered in wildflowers – mountain heather, Indian paintbrush, rosy spirea, yellow broadleaf arnica, bluebells, and more. Sometimes, when a big thing is missing, little things have their chance to shine. Last summer I hiked the Naches Peak Loop at Mount Rainier National Park with … Continued

Karen Sinkway: Making a Lasting Impact

Every day, hundreds of people in our community, mostly without recognition, get out and do the work it takes to keep hundreds of non-profits and churches functioning and able to fulfill their missions. Murrells Inlet resident, Karen Sinkway, is one of those dedicated volunteers. Outgoing, friendly and quick to laugh, Karen has channeled her love … Continued

Margi Fleming: Helping Make Dreams Come True

As Vice President of Marketing and Human Resources for The Citizens Bank, Margi Fleming is passionate about helping people prepare for living their best life. Margi, tell me a little about yourself. I am originally from Abbeville, South Carolina, and now live with my husband and two daughters in the small farm town of New … Continued

Read It: July 2020

Happy July! It is officially summer, so as you pack your sunscreen for a day at the beach, make sure to also pack these books in your beach bag. This month has some incredible new releases.

Footloose and Boomless

I wanted to be able to drive through town, launch my own craft, and dance with the wind once again. I couldn’t dismiss the thought that the little sailboat looked remarkably like a battered mixing bowl. Wide and round-bottomed, it sat weathered and sad in the mud alongside the seller’s house. The remnants of once-white … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Community Life

Recently, a friend of mine was walking down her stairs and slipped, breaking her foot in several places. The break was so severe it required surgery and weeks of recovery that is still ongoing. Immediately, our group of friends joined together to provide meals for her. One friend loaned her a knee scooter to use … Continued

A Life of Service: Barbara Blain-Bellamy

I have heard a lot of wonderful comments about Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy – and when I finally met her, I understood why she is so admired by her beloved City of Conway and our entire community. The day we chatted, Barbara had been running errands with her husband of five years, Bobby Bellamy. “Although acquainted … Continued

Meet Erin Marshall and Nicole Queen

Helping our Community’s Children: The South Carolina Guardian ad Litem Program Erin Marshall Program Coordinator II, South Carolina Department of Children’s Advocacy Can you tell us about the Guardian ad Litem program? The Guardian ad Litem program is a division of the South Carolina Department of Children’s Advocacy. A Guardian ad Litem(GAL) is a volunteer … Continued

Cover Artist: Rogério Pedro

Rogério Pedro is a Brazilian visual artist from the city of Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil. His work has a very unique style with modernist and colorful influences applied to canvas, mural painting, scenography, books, fashion and advertising. His work can be found in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Bahia, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, … Continued

Carolina Forest: Southern Style with Southern Smiles

There is a charming eclectic and southern community that sits 10 minutes from both beautiful Myrtle Beach and historic Conway. Carolina Forest is NOT your typical “bedroom community.” There is nothing sleepy about what residents and visitors alike can do. Within the twenty five square miles of trees, ponds, trails and a nature preserve there … Continued