Letter from the Editor: Feels Like Home

The space I can escape to that always feels like home is an elegantly shabby house that overlooks the marsh in Murrells Inlet. The property was purchased in 1920 by my grandfather’s great grandfather for a low price that would knock your flip-flops off. Passed down for generations, the ownership shares of the house are … Continued

Buying a First Home Over the Internet

“You’re going to make an offer on a house you’ve never seen?” asked my husband incredulously. “We don’t want to move into an apartment with a second child arriving in the fall.” “Your dad and I’ve never bought a home without viewing it a few times.” My expectant daughter, her husband, and their two-year-old needed … Continued

Going Home Again

In the 1950s, developers were building row after row of cute little houses to meet the needs of returning soldiers who were anxious to begin a new life and start a family. My folks were part of a new wave leaving the city to move out to the suburbs and so they decided to buy … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Ginny Lassiter: Sunset River Marketplace

“A house is a home when it incorporates things or elements that the family loves. It should be a reflection of the personalities of its inhabitants.” In 1977, Ginny moved to this area as a single mother to be close to her family. In 2002, Sunset River Marketplace was opened by Ginny and her husband … Continued

Cover Artist: Irene Sheri

Irene Sheri came into the world a painter, gifted with inherent love, and a natural eye for the beauty around her. At nine years old, Irene began her professional journey, and her talent has continued to break new ground with every new period of her artistic life. Over the years, her art has been featured … Continued

The Road Not Taken

Eight years ago, I was training to be an opera singer. I was living in New York City, where I was born and raised. My days consisted of vocal lessons, coaching, rehearsals, and auditions. I had already had my big break when I was just 20 and was invited to sing as a soloist at the launch … Continued

Jina Narron: Class (and The Arts) are Back in Session

Jina with a “J” was born and raised in South Hill, Virginia, where she grew up listening, singing, and dancing along to all sorts of music. Ironically, one of her favorite songs, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, played on the radio on the way to our interview. It is one of her favorite songs … Continued

Aunt Dorothy and the Outdoor Concert

My mom and I invited her sister, Dorothy, to the county fair for an outdoor country music concert. Aunt Dorothy loved everything about that genre of music – her record collection, the TV shows, and the Grand Ole Opry on the radio. Several months ago, when she stopped humming and whistling her favorite country tunes, … Continued

No Dancing!

I come from a non-dancing culture, an anti-dancing culture, actually. Until recently, dancing was a forbidden activity in the Mennonite faith community. It was certainly so in my parents’ growing-up years. When I was a child, my mother would sometimes pretend-dance in the kitchen, mimicking the act of dancing, making fun. She looked ashamed to … Continued

Martine Nash Williams: The Journey to Successfully Enjoying Life

Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, Martine made her way down the Grand Strand to Murrells Inlet eight years ago. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in exercise science, she spent seven years working in the cardiac rehab at Grand Strand until her first son was born. Some important facts … Continued

Sweating, Itching, and Having the Time of my Life

I chose my outfit mindfully before meeting up with my friends the other day. Then during the entire morning, no one at all remarked about my clothes. They didn’t bat an eye about my dirt-stained shirt or my mud-caked shoes, nor did they say a peep about Marilyn’s baggy shorts or Alice’s funny hat. Meet … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Enjoying Life

It was fall of 2002 in the Blue Ridge mountains, the perfect time of the year – football season! The “Band that Shakes the Southland” began to play, and the music took over the crowd – It’s time! It’s my time to run out onto the field to perform. The cannons fired off and my … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Allison Harrington: Speech Solutions, Inc.

For two decades, Allison has been a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), which is someone who assesses, diagnoses and facilitates treatment of a variety of communication disorders in both children and adults. SLPs practice in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, rehab facilities, private clinics, and homes. In 2015, Allison’s parents retired and moved to Ocean … Continued

Food and Love

Marcel Proust eloquently described the flood of memories linked to the sip of a cup of tea and some scalloped, French cookies called Madeleines. He wrote about things remembered from the “lost past” that resurged to his conscious mind through the senses of taste and smell.  These “déjà vu” moments are already seen events that … Continued

Music Box

When you live in Myrtle Beach and don’t have a big Performing Arts Center, even though I have fought long and hard as the former Chair of the City of Myrtle Beach Cultural Arts Committee for twenty-five years, you pretty much have to go out of the area to see some big-name acts. However, I … Continued

A Grandpa for All Seasons

I learned early on, that being a terrific grandparent actually requires a great many skills and expertise in all kinds of varied areas. In the summer, I was called upon to be, not just a swimming instructor, but the chief architect of dozens of sandcastles constructed on sandy beaches as my granddaughter assisted with pail … Continued

Steele Bremner: Always Growing Up, Never Growing Old

Regardless of our Sasee monthly themes, I start all of my interviews with simple questions that help me get to know the interviewee such as their upbringing and where they grew up. Steele answered this question quite fittingly for this month’s theme when she said, “Where did I grow up? Well, I’m still growing up!” … Continued

Say Cheese

My family would be hard-pressed to find more than a few natural, un-posed pictures of me as a young woman. I was never comfortable in front of the lens and went out of my way to stay clear of people toting cameras on straps hanging around their necks. I always had an excuse for not … Continued

Cover Artist: Johnny Popkess

Johnny Popkess is a figurative artist with a passion for the human form. He portrays the body as it should be seen, bold and proud, not hidden by layers of cliche. Painting exclusively with the finest hand blended pigments and oils on stretched linen canvas, his work is classically contemporary. 2017 was his debut year … Continued