It’s Never Too Late: Becoming My Own Boss

While some talk of pandemic pivots, I’ve likened my journey to a pirouette. When I was young, I loved to run across random facts about famous people. Among my favorite trivia was learning what age they started the career that made them a household name. For example, Grandma Moses started painting in earnest at 78, … Continued

Are Soulmates Realistic?

I believe soulmates to be a realistic concept, simply in a broader sense than being the one person you are meant to marry, and oftentimes, they seem to come when you least expect it. When people refer to “soulmates,” they often times define them in a romantic sense; one, singular person who was put on … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Michael Fink: Executive Director for Brightwater

“Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room.” Grew up in Conway and has been living in Myrtle Beach for over 10 years In 2020, Michael’s most important lessons learned were: to focus on adapting to change, to practice effective communication, and to possess a servant leadership mindset Michael’s 2021 … Continued

A Brighter Future

Our past, every bit of it good and bad, makes us who we are today. It makes us appreciate where we are now. I was driving home from work one-day last month when I saw something that made me stop and turn my car around. It was a lemonade stand with three little girls seated … Continued

I Want to be an Old Wise Woman When I Grow Up

Their intelligence and truth shimmer in the air around them like fairy godmothers. Have you ever noticed how a woman becomes more inspiring as she ages? Almost as if wisdom and courage seep into her as her hair turns grey. Silver drowns the years of female expectations strand by strand. Suddenly she no longer cares … Continued

Adventure of my Life

As I got ready for my first date with Bruce, I was so excited I couldn’t even get my lipstick on straight or figure out what to wear. Okay, my white slacks with the pink top always looks good. I had no idea how this first date would totally change my life. I’d met him … Continued

Deserving of the “Good Paper”

I credit Mrs. Jones. She planted the seed. She made me believe I could be a writer. I remember coming into my second-grade classroom, excited and proud to show my lovely teacher a story I had written over the weekend. Though, looking back now, I’m not entirely certain the story was my original idea. In all fairness, … Continued

Art Appreciation

Bold and beautiful, soft and pastel – everywhere I turned there were terraces of color. By all accounts, I should have green blood flowing through my veins, or at least, a green stain on my thumb. Mom’s family had been farmers; flowers were incidental, but vegetables were plentiful. Dad’s family also filled the kitchen with … Continued

Pandemic Pandemonium, Paranoia, and Politeness

I hope we will aspire to become, once again, friendly Americans and I hope we will give one another the benefit of the doubt. Whenever a shift in society or culture occurs, folks don’t have a paradigm to follow and find adoption of a new normal challenging. The year of 2020 isn’t the first year … Continued

Meredith Harrison: Spring Tide and Murrells Inlet Pride

There was a seed planted within the community of Murrells Inlet after Hurricane Hugo in 1989 that has well blossomed. It started with a group of local creek rats who deeply care for the area. They wanted to clean up the debris that flooded our beautiful inlet. The founders named it Spring Tide and with … Continued

Fog and Butterflies

The metamorphic possibilities within our souls are endless. It creeps in like a bank of fog just off the coast, Sandburg’s “Little Cat Feet,” and it watches us silently for a time before it moves on. It’s like that, this stealthy virus, in the way it sneaks upon us, but otherwise, it’s evermore beastly than … Continued

Elaine Hawkinson: Master Gardener and Grandma

Remember that Grandmother of mine who bakes the best home-made pies? Well, pies are not her only specialty. As much as she loves baking, she loves working in her garden even more. Elaine has loved flowers and gardens since she can remember. Her father grew tomato plants and her mother had a vegetable garden. Elaine … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Planting the Seed

I have not physically planted many seeds that have bloomed. Green thumbs certainly do run in my family, but I am not sure the gene has made its way to me yet. I do enjoy keeping up with my handful of house plants, but due to my busy lifestyle, I only care for the types … Continued

Cover Artist: Dimitra Milan

Legend has it, Dimitra created her first painting when she was just 5 years old. Her parents, prolific artists John and Elli Milan were struggling to create an abstract painting for their Art Dealer. After trying everything they could, they almost gave up. Dimitra begged them to play with their paint and they decided to … Continued


In that garden, she planted the seeds of self-confidenceand self-love in my soul. Her flower garden was always lovely, the envy of her pristine neighborhood. My paternal grandmother could grow anything it seemed, and when we would visit her in southern Georgia, her backyard was a haven for grandchildren and their imaginations.  It was where … Continued

Dr. David Grabeman: Getting to the Root of the Problem

David grew up in Ohio surrounded by family. Although he loves his hometown roots, he wanted a change for his college and thought a southern school would be fun. He received his undergrad in 1975 from Furman University where he studied biology. He always wanted to go into the medical field but was not sure … Continued

Bag Lady

In addition to providing a safe and accessible home for my belongings, my bag told the world who I was. Okay, I admit it. I’m a bag lady. No, I’m not a homeless woman roaming the city with all of my worldly possessions packed into an assortment of plastic bags. I’m fortunate to have a … Continued

Geri Anderson: Classy Will Never Go Out of Style

A well-known, local woman and business owner, Geri Anderson, grew up in Horry County and has lived in Myrtle Beach all of her adult life. She is the product of a loving family along with 8 siblings. Before Geri found her true calling, she was a successful banker for 20 years. After Geri happily married … Continued

Whitney Rife Becker: Fashion is my Passion

Known on social media as an influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur, Whitney Rife is most of all a classic fashionista. Whitney grew up in a small town in Virginia named Tazewell, which she loves dearly. It only has a few stoplights but is full of wonderful people. On the weekend, Whitney and her mom traveled to … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Playing Dress-Up

When I was a young gal faced with beauty propaganda, I only made notes of what it was on the outside that deemed a woman physically beautiful enough to be on the cover of a magazine or walk a runway. As I have grown, I have developed a new understanding of beauty – one I … Continued