There’s a new sense of “Home” as a result of the pandemic. For many, there’s the urge to get out and travel after being cooped up for over a year. But as much as I love to travel and still will in the days ahead, my stronger inclination is to stay close to home. It’s … Continued

Same Joy, New Place

Papa Dewey, the patriarch of the family, relished the beach as much as the youngest in the family. Although he walked with a slight limp due to a work accident, we would find him on the beach playing softball with the rest of us to work off a typical huge meal. Cartwheels, writing our names in … Continued

Cover Artist: François Grosliere

François Grosliere, a hyperactive and color-blind advertising man and painter, has a background full of experiences. First, he studied Fine Arts in Clermont-Ferrand. After a course in Civil Engineering Drawing in Toulon, he took classes at the Brassart School in Tours to become an advertising designer. In 1987, he joined Publicis in Clermont-Ferrand where he … Continued

Ingredients for the Perfect Home

The librarian scribbled down information for my new library card, pausing and lowering her glasses after I gave her my address. “My husband and I built that house,” She said. Requesting the ID to borrow books had seemed like a way to root my family in the small Connecticut community we’d moved to only a week … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Where I Belong

Where I belong has always been near the water. Growing up along the Grand Strand was a more than fortunate scenario, especially for a sea-maid like me. There are several varied types of bodies of water, and we are lucky to be surrounded by a majority of them such as the inlet, river, marsh, creeks, … Continued

Cathy Norini: Blissful Living in Living Dunes

From growing up and spending her entire life in Chicago, Cathy was in pursuit of warmer weather and coastal ambiance. As a retired amusement park owner, she also craved a relaxing new lifestyle. As soon as she learned of Living Dunes’ model homes, she immediately hopped on a plane to come check them out. Cathy … Continued

Standing Tall

It’s hard for a person barely reaching five feet two inches to “stand tall” in any way except as a metaphor – or when wearing a pair of high heels. My lesson in how to stand tall, however, came from a pair of low-heeled shoes. My Magli shoes were so beautiful that wearing them made me feel … Continued

Megan Coward: New Community, Same Home

If there is anyone who knows the secret to moving to a new community, it’s Megan Coward. After she graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a bachelor’s in human development family studies, she moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Megan did not know a single soul so the summer she started her job, … Continued

A French Awakening

When I was 17, I fell in love with all things French. During the summer of 1972, my headquarters for a study abroad program was Orleans, France, an idyllic backdrop for amor. Orleans was like nothing I had ever seen before; exotic, fruitful, and mysterious. It was the perfect place for young explorers to spend … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Leigh Simmons: Surf Unlimited Mercantile

Leigh’s perfect way to relax is on the boat reading while her husband fishes, then pulling up to a restaurant and eating on the water. She loves live music and traveling to cool venues. Amos Lee and Jack Johnson are her favorite artists and her favorite venue so far is Red Rocks in Colorado. Surf … Continued

Angela Christian: Poised, Proper, and Ready to Prosper

As most of you (hopefully) know, there is a new powerhouse in town. Angela Christian, the first woman and African American Georgetown County administrator, is committed to helping our home prosper. Angela was born and raised in Dublin, Georgia, and received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Georgia Southern University. She always thought she … Continued

Pam Dunn: Not a Day Goes to Waste in a Lowcountry Backyard Escape

As I arrived at Pam Dunn’s property, my jaw dropped with astonishment from the boundless colorful flowers and perfectly plotted greenery that went on as far as I could see. I was greeted in the courtyard by Mrs. Pam as she invited me into her interestingly shaped, beautiful home with a glass of fresh lemonade. … Continued

Summers with Guacamole

When I think of “must-have summer recipes,” several dishes immediately come to mind. Key lime pie; cheesecake; all manner of red, white, and blue desserts for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day; potato salad; deviled eggs; fried green tomatoes; corn on the cob – and many more. Because I am from Texas and … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Summer Daze

Growing up, my most cherished summertime activity was definitely boat days with my family and our friends. My dad owns the classic 1986 Boston Whaler which guided us on many outdoor adventures. We would go out on the river and travel to Sandy Island or coast the marshy inlet and spend time at The Point. … Continued

Vacation Ups and Downs

Some years ago, my wife and I wanted to leave the comfort and security of home and take a summer vacation to a place foreign and exotic. We chose Mexico. A different language, food, culture. Off we flew to Acapulco. We spent days soaking up the sun on a beach surrounded by swaying palms, shopping … Continued

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I was my dad’s namesake. He was George and I was Georgia. He called me, “Georgie Girl.” Dad and I had a lot in common. I’m grateful he encouraged me to become a writer. It all began when I was eight years old… School was out for the summer and I received an “A+” for … Continued

Where I’m Supposed to Be

Today, with a GPS in the car and on the phone, getting lost has become, well, a lost art. It can’t even be used as an excuse for being late. When was the last time you heard someone say: Sorry, I got lost, and it took me forever to find the place? I have no sense … Continued

Waste Your Time

When I was a child, my siblings and I always looked forward to the first day of summer. I’m sure other kids did too, but probably not for the same reasons we did. Other kids looked forward to a day free from school, to sit home playing video games and watching TV, but we were … Continued

The Motion of the Ocean

I moved to Myrtle Beach thirty-seven years ago because I fell in love with the area when I visited while in high school. The smell of the ocean enlivens me. But the motion of the ocean is another thing entirely. And in this case, I’m NOT talking about the beautiful gray-blue Atlantic. Ever since I … Continued