Vacation Ups and Downs

Some years ago, my wife and I wanted to leave the comfort and security of home and take a summer vacation to a place foreign and exotic. We chose Mexico. A different language, food, culture. Off we flew to Acapulco. We spent days soaking up the sun on a beach surrounded by swaying palms, shopping … Continued

Cover Artist: Karrie Evenson

Karrie Evenson is an international selling artist from Northwest Arkansas. Her creative journey has led to many adventures over the years such as hosting her own painting TV show, teaching workshops and traveling to art shows. Karrie has sold her works all over the world developing relationships with her collectors which have led her to … Continued

Single Mom = Super Mom

I was riding bikes with my 4th-grade classmate when she asked me this: “Are your parents divorced?” My face turned 50 shades of red and I nearly flew over the handlebars of my 10-speed bike, but I quickly regained my composure and said (probably too dramatically): “Divorced?! Of course NOT!” It was the very first … Continued

Letter from the Editor: I Don’t Know How She Does It

Truth be told, when I speak of my own mother, I really don’t know how she does it all. “Momma Hawk” is a mother to everyone who needs it. I cannot even tell you how many of my own friends (who are like family) have had deep, life discussions with her. She is trustworthy, easy … Continued

Betsy Altman: A Legacy of Community Love and Family Roots

Betsy Altman grew up in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, until her move to Greensboro, North Carolina, where she graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in Public Administration. She always loved meeting and talking with people, so she knew she wanted to pursue a career where she worked closely with helping others. After college, she moved … Continued

Mom’s Sweet Words

There was nothing sweeter than the sound of delight in my mom’s voice when she said my name, especially when I might surprise her at work (she was a school custodian until she was eighty) or give her an unexpected gift.  She would have a big smile on her face and her eyes twinkled, then … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Olivia Cox: Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping

A true creek rat – born and raised in Murrells Inlet, SC Oversees merchandising, marketing, HR, day-to-day operations, and loves working the retail floor from time to time Supports Salkehatchie Summer Service where she is now a site leader and her passion for this philanthropy was passed on from her late, older brother Learned the … Continued

Diary of a Working Mom

It’s the spring of 2014, and I am returning to work after giving birth to my daughter. I had hoped to stay on maternity leave longer, but I’ve run out of sick days and will already have to teach for free for a week. I trudge into my high school with my laptop case, lunch … Continued

Hatton Gravely: Philanthropy and a Whole Lot of Family

I started my day with Hatton by meeting her in the beautiful Brookgreen Gardens. It was a sunny one, so it was perfect for our walk through the gardens as we discussed our lives and raved about our new work positions. As of August 2020, Hatton landed the role as Brookgreen’s Director of Philanthropy. She … Continued

Words of Wisdom

I couldn’t help but smile as I stirred the pot of chili simmering on the stove, filling my kitchen with warmth and enticing aromas. My mom was right, “Nothing beats the doldrums like a bowl of chili, and it fills the tummy and soothes the soul.” As I continued to stir the chili, I felt … Continued

Keepsakes of the Heart

My husband and I stopped at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. The house was a pretty, well-maintained colonial–a family home. As we walked up the driveway, I noticed a multitude of flower stakes that dotted hibernating flower beds. A small table and two wrought iron chairs sat waiting for a warm spring … Continued

Are Soulmates Realistic?

I believe soulmates to be a realistic concept, simply in a broader sense than being the one person you are meant to marry, and oftentimes, they seem to come when you least expect it. When people refer to “soulmates,” they often times define them in a romantic sense; one, singular person who was put on … Continued

Cover Artist: Elena Filatov

Born in Astana, Elena Filatov discovered her passion for colors at an early age. During her design and art studies associated with studies of classical music, she was able to expand her skills and develop her individual style. She puts her heart and soul into each of her colorful and detailed works of art: “My … Continued

Letter from the Editor: The Best is Yet to Be

This morning was the first beach sunrise I have attended in weeks. Today was the calm after the storm of rain that seemed to last all of 2021 so far. For those of you who know me, you know that quality time with nature is one of the most essential needs to fuel my soul. … Continued

I Want to be an Old Wise Woman When I Grow Up

Their intelligence and truth shimmer in the air around them like fairy godmothers. Have you ever noticed how a woman becomes more inspiring as she ages? Almost as if wisdom and courage seep into her as her hair turns grey. Silver drowns the years of female expectations strand by strand. Suddenly she no longer cares … Continued

Adventure of my Life

As I got ready for my first date with Bruce, I was so excited I couldn’t even get my lipstick on straight or figure out what to wear. Okay, my white slacks with the pink top always looks good. I had no idea how this first date would totally change my life. I’d met him … Continued

A Brighter Future

Our past, every bit of it good and bad, makes us who we are today. It makes us appreciate where we are now. I was driving home from work one-day last month when I saw something that made me stop and turn my car around. It was a lemonade stand with three little girls seated … Continued

It’s Never Too Late: Becoming My Own Boss

While some talk of pandemic pivots, I’ve likened my journey to a pirouette. When I was young, I loved to run across random facts about famous people. Among my favorite trivia was learning what age they started the career that made them a household name. For example, Grandma Moses started painting in earnest at 78, … Continued

The Love Match

When I moved to another state, I didn’t realize at the time that I had two advantages which netted results in my love life – tennis and new friendships. In Missouri, I played on the college tennis team, local tournaments, and leagues, where I developed lasting friendships. When I moved to southern Indiana, tennis helped … Continued

Sasee Gets Personal with Michael Fink: Executive Director for Brightwater

“Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room.” Grew up in Conway and has been living in Myrtle Beach for over 10 years In 2020, Michael’s most important lessons learned were: to focus on adapting to change, to practice effective communication, and to possess a servant leadership mindset Michael’s 2021 … Continued