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Sasee Gets Personal with Sabrina Query: Whimsy Roost Owner

Nestled next to the Strand Theater on Front Street in Georgetown sits Whimsy Roost, an eclectic home goods and gifts store owned by Sabrina Query. In college, Sabrina worked in retail and always dreamed of opening her own store one day. After getting married, she and her family moved frequently with her husband’s job. “I love to shop and so with each move, I would find all the locally-owned shops and support them,” she says. She started keeping a journal with ideas about what her dream store would look like, and what types of things she would carry. Fast forward 30 years, in 2017, she opened her dream store, Whimsy Roost.

“I’m pretty whimsy…I love eclectic things, old and new, fun and funny, unpredictable, and just all things whimsy,” she says. After making lots of moves around the world, she and her husband, Rex, were ready to settle and gather in one place. Georgetown had been her family’s home base for many years and God opened the door for them to come back and “roost.” Taking a leap of faith, they opened Whimsy Roost.

If you’ve met Sabrina, you know how her personality lights up a room. It’s no surprise that her favorite part about owning the business is connecting with people. “Loving God and loving people is what I was born to do,” she says. The friendships and stories of others inspires her on a daily basis. When shopping for items for the store, she looks for things that will inspire people, motivate them, and make them laugh. “Working together with a great team to help people find that perfect gift that brings joy to them and to others, listening to people share their stores, giving back to the community…all fans the flame to keep going.”

The most challenging part of ownership, she says, is the “business” of it all. The accounting, the bills, managing inventory, and scheduling tasks can be daunting. She credits her team of friends and family that support Whimsy Roost and help her fill in all the gaps.

I asked her what motivates her to keep showing up day after day. Her response: it’s a calling. “God gave me this dream and this platform to connect with people and make a difference in our community. Every year, I dedicate the store with open hands to the Lord, and as long as He keeps calling me to it, I’ll keep showing up!”

As for the future of Whimsy Roost, she has big dreams. A shoppable warehouse is set to open in the next few months and there is another building that is in plans to become another storefront. She says a retail store is hard work, but she is “growing and learning new things every day, overcoming challenges, and finding joy in the journey.” 

If someone out there wants to take a leap of faith and pursue their dream of owning their own business, what advice would you give to them?

Do it afraid! Taking the leap of faith can be scary. Make sure you have a good support system. You need family, friends, a team that will pray for you, support you, encourage you, help you. “Surround yourself with great people and you will be great” is a quote that I have in the store and it’s so true! Each day is a gift! Pray, pray, and pray… trust God! 

Just for Fun: If one celebrity could walk into Whimsy Roost tomorrow, and share the store with the world, who would you want it to be?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce come in and create their wedding registry at Whimsy Roost! Can you imagine?!

Whimsy Roost | 712 Front St. Georgetown SC, 29440 | (843) 833-8820

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