Letter from the Editor: Making a House Your Home

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

The feng shui of my personal space has always fascinated me. Even growing up, when the only space I sort of had a say about was my bedroom, I sure had significant opinions about how it should look and feel. I would constantly move furniture around in my room whenever I was feeling stagnant. I … Continued

Letter from the Editor: A Passion for Fashion

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Regardless of which time period you research, fashion has always been a pinnacle form of art – one that constantly changes yet also comes full circle often. What you wear and how you present yourself to the world have forever been lively discussions throughout history. From clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, makeup trends, belts, … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Living Well

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

I believe that living and loving are action words that go hand in hand. Living well is not possible without loving deeply – especially when it comes to loving yourself. In the spirit of honesty, I have decided to share with you my recent health discovery. After a lifetime of feeling random symptoms, I finally … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Creative Outlets

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Creativity is a luxury many of us forget about as we age. Thanks to societal norms, our minds become consumed with rational (as well as irrational) thoughts and fears about the world and our future. While feeling worried is a valid emotion and spending time focused on real-life tasks is essential, I could also argue … Continued

Letter from the Editor: In The Spirit

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

For many people around the world, getting into the holiday spirit can be brought on by the stunning sight of snow. For those of us who live along the Grand Strand, that’s a rare occasion. Although I was born in Texas, my family moved here when I was three, and that’s when I saw snow … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Gather & Gobble

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Gathering with loved ones and gobbling down some yummy food is most certainly underrated. Not to mention that it’s a beautiful time of year, from the charming colors to the perfect weather. Warm hues of yellow, orange, red, and purple coupled with the cozy sweater attire certainly creates wonderful feelings of comfort. Despite how lovely … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Renew & Revamp

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

If you stepped inside the little home my roommate and I refer to as the “Zen Den,” you would instantly be immersed in a rich blend of funky texture, retro vintage, and color galore. After you’ve been acquainted with the cats (Mr. Tom and Rosie) as well as the butterfly rug and sunshine mirror in … Continued

Letter from the Editor: There is no “I” in Team

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

There certainly never is an “I” in team, but I learned early on how “I” personally affect my teammates and the role I play within the team that’s created. As a baton twirler, I joined the local competition team when I was seven and as I advanced, I naturally became very (too) proud. My coach … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Laugh Until You Cry

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Most of you are probably aware by now that I was a stubborn child, but who wasn’t? (I always blamed the red hair.) As you can imagine, that particular trait sometimes led to some not-so-great events. I am sure we all have those past experiences that are awful at the time, yet hilarious down the … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Community

Twenty years is a significant amount of time. July of 2002 was the summer I celebrated my 6th birthday. My party involved playing in the neighborhood pool and eating what is still one of my favorite foods – pizza. I think it’s extra special to reflect on the fact that some of those party guests … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Celebrate

Planning events and playing hostess is my jam – literally. One of the best aspects of a party is creating the perfect playlist to match the vibe and excite the guests (which depends on which of my friends or family are attending). Luckily, I listen to a wide variety of genres and I know my … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Mother Knows Best

Although life does not come with a manual, you sure are lucky if yours comes with a helpful mother. However, I am not so sure they ALWAYS feel quite so lucky to be stuck with us. I was stubborn even before birth. After many years of IVF treatments, the dang stick finally revealed a positive … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Express Yourself

Charles Wright had the right idea when he wrote the classic, soul-funk hit “Express Yourself” that made its grand debut in 1970. The song is timeless and so is the melodious message. My favorite verse is, “Some people have everything, and other people don’t, but everything don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t the thing … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Best Buds

I hope all of my wonderful grandmothers are proud that my green thumb has grown since this time last year. I moved into a new place with bright lighting and immaculate energy. I am now the mother of twenty-two house plants, some outdoor flowers, and I even added a small herb garden on the porch … Continued

Letter from the Editor: The Future is Female

Who are we as women if we do not support other women? No matter what their hopes and dreams may be, I am proud and honored to know all of the females who surround me. I have gal-pals who are managers, lawyers, beauticians, teachers, accountants, real estate agents, personal care aids, nurses, soon-to-be doctors, some … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Rise & Shine

On my best days, my morning routine is all about rising and shining. I like to rise with the sun, which in return helps me shine throughout the rest of my day. My favorite places to watch the sunrise are at the beach, my family’s inlet house, or Moore’s Park Landing. The park is only … Continued

Letter from the Editor: It’s a Wrap

Growing up, my parents and I mostly spent Christmas day traveling to spend time with my mom’s side of the family, which is pretty big. Instead of bringing gifts for every single family member, we collectively participate in a gift exchange. The Santa’s Hat Gift Exchange has a few various names, but the rules pretty … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Give Thanks

“May the morning sun sing to you: you are worthy of new beginnings. May an extra hour of sleep reveal to you: you are worthy of rest. May a text from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while remind you: someone does care. May the song lyric that speaks to your soul remind … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Feels Like Home

The space I can escape to that always feels like home is an elegantly shabby house that overlooks the marsh in Murrells Inlet. The property was purchased in 1920 by my grandfather’s great grandfather for a low price that would knock your flip-flops off. Passed down for generations, the ownership shares of the house are … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Enjoying Life

It was fall of 2002 in the Blue Ridge mountains, the perfect time of the year – football season! The “Band that Shakes the Southland” began to play, and the music took over the crowd – It’s time! It’s my time to run out onto the field to perform. The cannons fired off and my … Continued