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From the Editor: If Not Now, When?

I am not well traveled, but I have always liked leaving town for a few days in the mountains or, when the children were young, a trip to Disney or even camping (never my idea). But my youngest child, my son, must’ve been born knowing the great big world was waiting. From the time he was in pre-school and kindergarten, he was fascinated by languages – especially French, taping note cards with the French names of items all over the house. Before the ink was dry on his BA in French, he had applied for jobs in Europe and was soon on a plane to work in France. From there, he went to Spain, where he now lives. Last year, after not seeing him for a year, I decided it was time for me to visit. I boarded a plane to Madrid alone and quite a bit nervous about my first trip to Europe. But, from the minute I landed, I loved it. After a few days in Madrid, touring the city and surrounding areas (in 100-plus degree heat) we headed to my son’s favorite place in France, the small seaside town of Collioure. There were several stops and even a bout with heat exhaustion (mine) before we arrived. But, I’ll never forget rounding a curve in the Pyrenees Mountains, and getting my first glimpse of this spectacular village set along a small cove on the Mediterranean Sea. White boats dotted the cerulean blue water and beautiful stucco buildings painted in pastel colors lined the hillsides. A stately 11th century castle sat high above the town and a smaller fortress was perfectly situated on the water. I was completely overcome by the beauty right in front of my eyes, and I felt I had landed in the most beautiful place on Earth – or one of them at least. I know I’ll never be exactly the same person that I was before this experience.

Enjoy this issue of Sasee – and while we’re not traveling much now, it’s the perfect time to dream and plan for the future. The great big world awaits us.

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