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Sasee: The Next Chapter

Since 2002, Sasee has been entertaining, informing, and inspiring readers as well as sharing dynamic experiences. The sister duo of Delores Blount (publisher) and Susan Bryant (sales and marketing director) created this local women’s magazine for a purpose; to be an inviting platform to reach other women by showcasing sophisticated, well-written editorials focused on personal interviews, lifestyle perspectives, fashion, home décor, food, art, and culture. After twenty-plus years, Sasee has evolved, just as all women do, and she’s not done growing yet.

As females, it is our privilege to acknowledge and appreciate the ever-changing natural phases of life. As females in the business world, it is more than okay to start over – and it is never too late to discover a new path. While continuing to encourage artists and creators who still find their written word and art to be their way to passionately fight the good fight… the time has come for some of the team to move away from the publishing industry. This is a bittersweet moment for the ladies in charge of the magazine as well as the editor, Sarah Elaine Hawkinson, to announce farewell – their Sasee hats are officially being passed along to a new owner, whoever she may be.

Sasee has had a print presence in the local market like no other and has never wavered from her original mission. However, the talented team has transitioned many times through the years. As we move into the digital world, the current team knows Sasee is ready for her next chapter as well. As of right now, this is her last issue for the year. She is still currently for sale, so please remain on the lookout for her grand return in 2024.

“Our team would like to give a special thanks to the readers, writers, advertisers, subscribers, and the entire community for your understanding and continued support. We feel an incredible amount of loyalty to the people who became not just readers but collectors of our work from the covers to the stories. It has been an honor to nurture Sasee as much as we can and now it is someone else’s chance to develop her potential beyond our imagination. Inspired by women everywhere, Sasee has forever been produced as a wonderful read and we look forward to seeing how she improves in the future.”

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  1. Thank you for the many years of good reading and notable writers. The beautiful artwork was an added plus. I will miss my monthly Sasee.

    Wishing everyone connected with this lovely magazine “Good Luck and Good Fortune”.

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