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Cover Artist: Camelia Berberich

Born and raised in Romania, Camelia Berberich has lived in Germany for 28 years. Although she has a graduate degree in chemical engineering, art has also played a significant role throughout her life. She always had a special interest in creativity and a curiosity for new things.

“Using colors to create art opened a whole new world for me to represent being,” Camelia explained, “Art needs passion. My artworks are born out of the pure desire for color and the enthusiasm for life and creation.” As varied and dynamic as life itself is, so are her works of art. She loves diversity in painting, and she is always concerned with using different topics and techniques. She does not want to follow a single set line and enjoys many genres of art such as contemporary, abstract, and portrait painting. She strongly believes that artwork is meant to bring peace and balance.

To view and purchase her work, visit: www.cabe-art.de

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