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Sasee Gets Personal with Sandy Copeland: Physicians Weight Loss Centers

Q: When did you move to the Grand Strand?
I moved to Conway in 1985 to open the Physicians Weight Loss franchise and over the years, I continued to open more locations in Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach. Having so many locations made it difficult for me to have time with my child, so we eventually consolidated into one central location in south Myrtle Beach, the palmetto pointe area. With a baby on my hip and a briefcase in my hand, I was able to balance taking proper care of my clients as well as my home life.

Q: What about your work specifically makes you feel grateful?
While moving to a new place and opening a business is not the easiest, I am incredibly thankful to have such amazing clients and staff. As a Certified Diet and Nutrition Counselor, my ability to help people excites me, especially because my inspiration to go into this field was because of my own health journey I struggled with for so long. I believe in natural remedies, when possible, and am grateful to share my story and my knowledge with others to increase their quality of life.

Q: What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
We always decorate because I love the bright orange and red colors of fall. Traditionally, our plan has always been to gather at my mother’s house for Thanksgiving. Because we recently lost her, my son and I will still gather, gobble, and play games with our family, but I am also going to prioritize reaching out to local nonprofits to donate money to organizations who provide food for those in need.

Q: What is your role for Thanksgiving?
My whole family would laugh so hard if they heard this question. I am in charge of bringing paper goods to eat off of (so we don’t have to do dishes) as well as the extra beverages like tea and soda…only the easy stuff. Then once I arrive, my only responsibility is to entertain and play with my twin sister’s seven grandchildren.

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
All of the best memories take me back to my mom and our quality time spent on her big farm in Lake City. We always had so much fun and my mother was always playing with the kids and cooking. The kitchen would be full of food because she loved to cater, and she would cook every child’s favorite thing even if it was 3 different types of meat. I cherish my time spent with her as she never met a stranger and showed us that love is the best thing anyone can have in their heart.

Q: When do y’all start to decorate for the (Christmas) holidays?
Oh, the day after thanksgiving…I have a beautiful tree we put up every year!

Physicians Weight Loss Centers
843-293-9333 • 4883 US Hwy 17 Bypass South • Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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