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Cover Artist: Elena Kraft

Elena Kraft has been a passionate dancer since birth. She matured into a dance teacher, then a choreographer, and finally, a proud director of a dance school. She is inspired by movements, body language, and body control.

It was not until the age of forty-five that she discovered her passion for art. Because she’s been dancing all of her life, she naturally moves within the framework of the art of dance, painting, and sculpture, which you can see in her figurative works. She started with charcoal pencils and pastels and now, she mainly works with acrylic, oil, resin, and clay.

Elena likes to experiment with texture and various techniques as she tries to make her work as lively as possible. Her later works show more expression of her emotions. With the help of a splash technique and sculpture, the figurative pictures and sculptures receive an expressionist nuance as a background. The human body is the most complex and delicate, which is why most of her works depict it.


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