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Cover Artist: Kathy Womack

Kathy Womack’s inspiration for the Women and Wine series was not originally with the intent to capture girlfriends in fits of laughter, enjoying the said company. She explained, “As an artist, I am drawn to the dramatic or emotionally provocative imagery, so I think I was trying to capture the emotion of the moment. We cherish our friendships, so the nature of that is pretty relatable to most women and obviously had broad appeal.”

After working in advertising for a decade as a fashion illustrator, she craved freedom from the nine to five and looked to a different outlet. She picked up her brushes and never looked back. She still refers to herself as an illustrator, rather than a painter though. This series has allowed her to open two successful galleries in Austin and Houston. Though they had to shut down during the pandemic, she plans on reopening in the future.

All of her work (original paintings, limited editions, etc.) is still available on www.kwomack.com and her sketch site, www.womackstudioshop.com.

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