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Cover Artist: Irene Sheri

Irene Sheri came into the world a painter, gifted with inherent love, and a natural eye for the beauty around her. At nine years old, Irene began her professional journey, and her talent has continued to break new ground with every new period of her artistic life. Over the years, her art has been featured in galleries in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Finland, and the United States.

Irene embraces divergent points in architecture, design, fashion, and everyday life. Irene’s art reflects the eclectic influences that she finds and balances them via composition and style. She layers renaissance rudiments with a current approach to textures, makes vintage details atypically modern, places realistic figures against abstract backgrounds, and sets lines free with unexpected color. She finds triptych – in its naturally balanced structure – the perfect format to juxtapose these motifs. Irene explains, “I aim to trigger a silent dialogue with my audience, to express a pure young female soul through eyes, perhaps fulfilling the age-old adage. In this, my paintings are intimate and personal, without ever being self-portraits.”

Website: www.irenesheri.com
Instagram: irene_sheri
Facebook: Irene Sheri Vishnevskaya

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