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Cover Artist: Sanja Jancic

Art entered Sanja Jancic’s life during early childhood, when she attended her mother’s concerts, who was an opera singer at the Belgrade Opera. Sanja dedicated herself to music, as a cellist and a composer, as well as to painting, her earliest love. Her artistic focus is people, primarily women, who try to express their being through beauty, personal, or the environment in which they find themselves. She explained, “I believe that Eros and Thanatos are forces of the creative and destructive, and their struggle takes place through human souls. That is what inspires me and what I often show in my works of art.” Sanja’s favorite medium is acrylic and her style is primarily expressive. The characteristics of her artwork are predominantly warm tones and bright contrasts. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and are on the walls of homes around the world.


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