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Cover Artist: Suzanne Beland

Suzanne Beland is an artist living in the city of Trois-Rivieres, Canada. She was always passionate about drawing from a very young age. Her keen interest in art led her to train in graphic design. She practiced this profession for over 12 years and then moved on to animation and colorization of 2D cartoons for television. She has always worked in fields that call on her creativity and for several years she has made a living from her profession as a painter.

As a self-taught artist, Suzanne stands out with her invented characters full of humor tinged with her colors and her unique vintage style. She oscillates between her beautiful, romantic young ladies and the funny characters of her series “Happy.” Her primary intention is to create a feeling of lightness and happiness through her artworks.

To see more about her works, visit www.suzannebeland.com or www.facebook.com/suzannebelandartiste

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