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Cover Artist: Sharon Holzer

Twelve years ago, during a stay in Chile, Sharon Holzer experienced a period of mental, artistic, and cultural flourishing alongside a 40-year-old crisis that led her back to her passion for painting. Her artistic message voices the importance of how art is a safe and useful place for uniqueness. She believes that the creation of art does not have to adhere to any agenda or pattern because beauty and perfection are obtained from a mixture of parts. The artist attains her inspiration from her heart as well as the complexities of life. As she creates, the paint and the brush are therapeutic tools for expressing a storm of emotions while her guiding hand is optimism. All her creations are one of a kind, but each piece of artwork shares the same purpose: to provoke wonder, thought, and a smile.

IG: @sharonholzer_
FB: Sharon Holzer – Artist
Email: sharonholzer2@gmail.com

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