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Cover Artist: Michelle Green

Michelle Green’s passion for art and marketing started with her high school magnet program. She continued her visual arts studies at Florida Atlantic University and after graduation, she opened an online art gallery and continues to grow her business while residing in Orlando, Florida. The artist aims to explore themes of female empowerment, intuition, and creative expression.

“My style is expressive nature-inspired portraits with bold colors and loose brushwork guided by intuition and curiosity. My paintings spark a powerful journey into the soul and mind all about connection to higher parts of ourselves as well as our connection to spirit. Art gives us purpose and allows us to get closer to our divinity connecting with the spirit and the soul when words are not enough. When I am creating a piece, what excites me the most is that I’m drawing upon these energies that almost seem to dance on the canvas. Art is a way for me to communicate through colors that inspire, heal, and transform.”


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