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Dianne Dennis: Remembering Her Roots

Dianne Dennis is the marketing director for Wilson Senior Care – you probably recognize the name Grand Strand Rehab & Nursing Center here in Myrtle Beach. We asked her to talk about her family and how they helped her become the person she is today.

My family ties and connections are a vital part of who I am and have impacted me more than I could ever put into words. My father and grandfather were ministers and both always put an emphasis on God and family. My mother and grandmother were two of the strongest and most creative women I’ve ever known – they always told me that I could do anything I aspired to do, encouraging me to always stand up for myself. My uncle was a very successful man – a hard worker and world traveler so I learned a lot from him as well. My family ties and background have helped me in my career, and I pray I will pass the work ethic and values they taught me on to my children.

We can all learn so much from the generations before us. I remember my grandmother sharing the struggles her family had during the great depression. With technology our lives are so different – sometimes slowing down and enjoying life’s simple pleasures and spending time together as a family is a priceless opportunity.

Thinking back to my childhood, memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons or playing Nintendo are not as important as the memories I cherish of times in the field with my grandfather, going to get ice cream after school with my dad, the lessons my mom taught in children’s church, spontaneous adventures with my uncle, and the time my grandmother spent playing games with me. All of those memories created a wealth of lessons.

I am so blessed that my son and daughter are enjoying similar experiences to those I had growing up. My parents, my husband’s parents and my uncle are an influential part of their little lives, and I know they will grow up stronger and wiser learning so much from those that have a lifetime of lessons to pass down.

Walking through our nursing facilities, spending time with seniors . . . this is always time well spent! Whether a resident is a veteran, an Elvis fan, a musician, a retired teacher, or an artist, each of them has a story that we can learn from, and one that can make us stronger and better for pausing and simply taking the time to listen. I believe it is so important to slow down and enjoy our seniors – we can gain a lifetime of inspiration, strength and knowledge from those that have seen so much.

I absolutely love the company I work for – Wilson Senior Care. They always keep the safety and wellbeing of our residents first and foremost. Our President & CEO will quickly remind new employees that the “residents are our reason for being!” Without them there would not be a Wilson Senior Care! By keeping our residents the main priority and focus, along with the company being “Employee Owned” it is a wonderful work environment. I actually do not have an opportunity to work with our seniors that often, as we are one of the largest providers of skilled nursing beds in the Pee Dee Region, but I love knowing that my marketing efforts and special projects impact them in a positive way.

To learn more about Wilson Senior Care, contact Dianne at 843-616-8654. In Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand Rehab & Nursing Center is located at 4452 Socastee Blvd. Call 843-293-1137 or visit www.wilsonseniorcare.com.