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Read It: May 2020

By Nicole McManus

I Love You More Than Coffee

Written by Melissa Face

Cover of I Love You More Than Coffee

Sasee readers should recognize this author – Melissa Face’s essays are always hilarious while making the heart smile. Her book, I Love You More Than Coffee is the same style. In a very honest way, she shares memories of being a mom, from the very first moment with the positive pregnancy test. The trials and tribulations of adjusting to the new norm with a baby, to the golden advice from a friend, Melissa shares it all. This book is a great night time read, for each chapter is only a couple pages long. However, I think this book should be read together with your mom and mom friends, because it will spark conversations and you can share your own memories. This is a lovely gift, for someone you love.

Note: Due to COVID-19, publication of Melissa’s book is delayed until September 2020.

Fighting Lions with Loo Rolls

Written by Kathleen Rigby

Cover of Fighting Lions with Loo Rolls

Kathleen Rigby and her family moved to Kenya in the 1980s and in her book, Kathleen shares their incredible journeys with readers. This book reads like an epic saga of action and adventure, and readers will easily devour it in a couple of hours. There are family pictures and anecdotes from her children interspersed throughout. Not only does this book talk about all the wildlife, it stresses the importance of accepting and learning from different cultures. Readers who love to travel though reading will want to add this one to their wish lists.

On Ocean Boulevard

Written by Mary Alice Monroe

Cover of On Ocean Boulevard

Cara Rutledge is back! Cara is planning her second wedding, and as the rest of the Rutledge family return to Charleston, things take a different turn. Linnea is back after her dreams were dashed in California. Everyone in the Rutledge family has endured deep hardships, but nothing can prepare them for what’s to come.

Mary Alice Monroe is one of the greatest authors that I have ever read. Her books always feature strong female characters, and the themes of family, friends, and nature radiate deep into reader’s souls. In this book, the loggerhead turtles are back and bring with them the centuries-old wisdom of the ocean. The hot topic of vaccinations is featured with all sides being represented. When readers pick up a Mary Alice Monroe book, they pick up a story that they will enjoy on a summer day, but they will also pick up a tale filled with lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives. This book is another incredible must-read.


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