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Lady Luck & Fashion

On Facebook, my friend Laura posted a score she’d obtained playing WORDLE. “What’s WORDLE?” I asked under the post. She replied by posting the UK link. The first time I played, I guessed the five-letter word in three attempts. A couple of days later I used my first word S-T-O-R-M. The tiles turned over, and I had guessed four letters of the five-lettered word, only they were out of order. I rearranged the pattern in my head and substituted a few other letters for the missing blank, and then I keyed in M-O-I-S- T. Bingo! Got it in two tries. The word “magnificent” popped up to congratulate me. I was atop the world and WORDLE! Yet, when I returned the following day to the game, where I’d been so victorious, it took me all six tries to ascertain the correct word. Did I become so much less intelligent in 24 hours?

What I became was – less lucky. That first word containing five of the correct letters was plain good luck. This win got me thinking about lucky breaks and the serendipitous happenings in one’s life that can lead you to magnificent success. I suppose the opposite is true too. Soul-crushing failures might not be entirely your fault. Bad luck happens.

Luck seems to favor some more than others. It looks kindly on those adventurous souls who take risks. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained:” the old saw goes. If you never go on that blind date, you might not meet Prince Charming. Be in a place where luck might sashay through the open door carrying the perfect shoes for the ball.

Luck favors those who are prepared. If you don’t carry an umbrella when a distant cloud lurks in the sky, you might get drenched and deathly ill. If you don’t wear sunscreen on that hot stunning, yellow polka-dotted bikini-clad, summer day, you might fry with a bad burn which can cause skin cancer and well… that misfortune can lead to worse consequences.

Luck favors optimists. If you don’t believe good things will happen and can happen to you, then you might dismiss Lady Luck even when she’s dressed to the nines, knocking on your door. Staying positive, happy, and seeing rainbows at the end of each storm coaxes luck out of every situation.

Let’s say your chances are akin to those of Lloyd Christmas, played by Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, when his love interest assesses the probability of his getting with her is one in a million. Remember Lloyd grins and says: “So, you’re saying I have a chance!” Be like Lloyd.

Another friend Becky posted a picture on Facebook of a hat she made with a bird’s nest atop it and some plush blue bird stuffed animals sitting atop the nest. She asked her Facebook friends if she should wear it to a fancy gala held to raise funds for bird habitats. All her pals found her proposed headwear charming, funny, and totally in keeping with Becky’s personality. Me too. Yet, I did add a small piece of advice: Carry a large sack of a purse with you so if you feel awkward with your fashion statement, you can quickly un-don the cap and stash it in the oversized pocketbook.

In summary, stay prepared, feel optimistic, and remain adventurous; chances and opportunities will come your way. As to fashion, express yourself. Take a chance to get noticed! If it ends up in a wardrobe malfunction… so what?


  1. Good post, very uplifting, enough to bring a smile on April Fool’s Day! I like to think i am lucky, maybe because i am optimistic, always ready to smile when the occasion arises. The description of the hat is very visual and that brought a chuckle, too. Thanks.

  2. Erika, what a delightful piece! It’s always the right time to think positively and expect good luck. Some scoff at those who always put on a happy face and I scoff back at them. Somehow we have to counter all the negativity in this world.

  3. Great post, Erika. And perfect for April Fools Day. A lot of the time our good fortune has to do with our attitude. Loved the example of the hat with the bird’s nest.

  4. I loved your post Erika. Great advice. We spend so much time worrying about what others will think of us that we forget to dance. Be yourself and enjoy life is a wonderful message.

  5. I enjoyed this story, as every story you write, very much Erika. We do need to open the door and invite Lady Luck inside. As I have gotten older (and wiser) I am more likely to take a chance on Lady Luck. I very often remind my grandchildren that they must be open to trying their luck but perhaps you can only learn this through experience.
    Thank you, Erika. I always look forward to your stories.

  6. Very enjoyable read! Made me smile on April Fools Day! Absolutely love your writing style incorporating colorful examples with some humor! Well done, my friend!

  7. Lady Luck with a back up—a win-win! I have a compulsion to have a back up to the back up. Whatever gives us the confidence to put ourselves out there! Great piece!

  8. Funny, and clever to remind us to be prepared. I’m Becky, of bird hat fame. I was one of a group of artists who recently crafted bird nests for a museum show in Charleston, SC. It seemed I should celebrate my love of art, and birds by felting a bird nest hat. Just wanted to add, the hat was a huge success, and the only bird attire present. Everyone wanted a picture, or a promise I would create a hat for them. I also carried the largest purse of the evening. Thanks Erika, keep writing.

  9. I enjoyed reading your story Erika. Always be positive in everything. Don’t say anything negative, that you’re not a winner etc. Be yourself. Have some fun in life. It’s better to laugh then to cry. Keep writing those stories!

  10. Sure needed that reminder! Best to always think positive. It most certainly helps in a happier life. Keep writing, Erika. You are truly insightful.

  11. This article made me smile. It also made me reflect on my own comfort level with taking chances and being lucky. I like Erika’s advice – be optimistic and take chances but always be prepared.

  12. Such good advice. It’s very energizing to feel you have some control of your circumstances. You put the sentiment so well. Thank you for such an uplifting read.

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