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Meet Wally Hash: Sunspace of Myrtle Beach

Meet Wally Hash: Sunspace of Myrtle Beach

Forgive the past and look towards a bright future – just keep rollin’ on, that is all we can do!

Wally did not know his birth name was Walter until 4th grade because he always thought he was just “Wally.” He has 7 brothers and sisters who all go by fun names that are not the same names as their birth certificates.

Wally uses his 10 years of experience in the military as an inspiration for himself as a way to stay positive and move forward without hesitation.

Wally’s 2021 New Year goals are to spend more time with his parents and grandkids, to get healthier, and to be the #1 Sunspace dealer.

Wally enjoys being in his store, located in Murrells Inlet, at all times in order to help with customers while displaying his southern hospitality.

Wally and his buddies still love to have a good time while not at work and started what they call the “Wally Uber.” They get a group of friends together, rent a U-Haul and switch off designated drivers. They go out to have dinner and a great time together around the area safely.

Wally took an early retirement from being a robotic operator for trucks and has now lived on the Grand Strand for 15 years.

The biggest lesson Wally learned in 2020 is to never take friends, family, or loved ones for granted.

Sunspace of MB is unique because it is a modular sunroom company and offers lifetime warranty.

Wally was a single father for 15 years and recently got married last year after a 6 year courtship.

Wally suffered from a bad car accident this past year and has learned how to work through the hardships of that plus the pandemic, so he is more than ready for 2021.


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