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Read It: January 2020

By Nicole McManus

You Were There Too

Written by Colleen Oakley

Cover of You Were There Too

What would you do, if you met the man of your dreams? Mia has the perfect life. She has the American Dream home, the loving husband, and they are trying to have a family. However, due to several miscarriages, children are not yet part of the picture. The only problem is, Mia has dreams each night about a man she’s never met. When she and her husband decide to move to a quaint town, Mia is shocked to meet the man from her dreams. And the really crazy part? He has been having the same dreams about her! The two strangers decide to decipher their dreams, but will they figure it out or will they destroy their current lives?

This book will have readers questioning their own dreams and the unpredictable ending will keep them on their toes. What if your dreams came true? What if you met someone who dreamed the same thing? Would you want to know, or would you continue to live each day as though the dreams aren’t real. Chocked full of inner turmoil, these characters will remain in readers’ hearts, long after the last page.

Colleen Oakley is incredible. You might remember my review of Close Enough to Touch. That was the first book I had read by Colleen, and I was instantly hooked. I was so excited to get my hands on an early copy of this title. She is one of the few authors that truly makes readers feel every single emotion in one single book. She is a must-read for fans of writers like Cecelia Ahern, and JoJo Moyes.

This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

Written by Adam Kay

Cover of This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

Adam Kay went to medical school, graduated, and trained to become a doctor. One horrific day, he decided to disappoint his family and quit his job. He then found a new life writing comedy. As Adam was sorting through his medical papers, he rediscovered the journals he kept as an intern. Those journals became this book. Part memoir and part medical antidotes this book is a heartfelt, honest look at the medical field.

I first learned about this book thanks to Instagram. My book obsession flows right into social media, as I follow numerous publishers and authors. Adam Kay had taken over his publisher’s page one day. He was sharing tidbits from his book and the epic tour. I found myself chuckling and searching for more. The next day, on, I found the audiobook… read by him! Having worked in an ER for several years, and the main hospital for several other years, I appreciated this memoir. My coworkers and I were family, we survived those long weekend nights together, and we found the humor whenever we could. Humor is necessary in that line of work. Listening to this book brought back all sorts of memories of the laughter and tears. This is a must-read for anyone in the medical field, for anyone who is a fan of real life medical dramas, or for anyone who works a stressful job and wants to take a moment to laugh at a very bizarre situation. I hope Adam Kay writes more books in the future, because this was an absolute treat!


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