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Read It: March 2020

By Nicole McManus

Saving Meghan

Written by D. J. Palmer

Cover of Saving Meghan

Meghan is fifteen years old, and she is tired of being sick. She used to love playing soccer and was hoping for a possible scholarship, but now, she doesn’t even want to get out of bed. She feels the switches being turned off inside her, even if the doctors can’t find anything. Becky will do whatever it takes to find an answer for her daughter. A little flirting here or there never hurt, and it does help to keep specialists’ numbers in her phone. Has Becky’s determination helped rule illnesses out, or has her need for a cure perpetuated an endless cycle?

The author did an incredible job sharing the inner psyche of each character. The narrator brilliantly changed tones and sounds just like a put out fifteen year old. Saving Meghan brings up the horrific illness of Munchausen by proxy, but it also dives further into what a patient feels like when they know something is wrong, but tests don’t prove anything. The twists and turns in this book will have readers second-guessing themselves, as they try and figure out who is telling the truth. D. J. Palmer’s debut is dark, twisty, and oh so good.

I love a good psychological thriller, and I love a good medical-themed book. As someone with a very rare, very difficult autoimmune disease, Meghan’s inner thoughts truly resonated with me. I have felt that same frustration. I, also, consider myself a Clue/Nancy Drew expert. I have been reading mysteries for as long as I can remember. There were several times when I thought I had it figured out, only to scratch out my mental notes, and go back to the other “resolution.” I was convinced that I had scenario “a” (or “b”) completely figured out. I must admit; however, that the author threw in one more final twist that still has me scratching my head. I look forward to reading it again once some friends read it, because, trust me; this is a book you will want to discuss for a very long time.

Promises of the Heart

Written by Nan Rossiter

Cover of Promises of the Heart

Macey and Ben have the ideal marriage and home life on Tybee Island. Yet they long for a baby. Soon, a three-legged dog finds his way into their home. Then, Harper, a nine year old with a heart condition and a bad attitude that keeps getting her kicked out of foster homes enters the picture. When Macey meets Harper, she begins to realize that there are numerous children in need of a loving family. As she and Ben discuss the possibilities, Harper goes missing. Will they be able to find Harper, before it is too late?

This book has a little bit of everything for everyone. First the undeniably cute dog on the cover, then the adorable nine year who has had a very hard life, and finally a woman with a big heart. The small town vibe is reminiscent of most island life, and the characters feel like they could be readers’ real life best friends. This is a must read for anyone looking to renew their faith in humanity.

I am a firm believer in a well-balanced reading diet. After a serious or dark book, I need something heartwarming… Nan Rossiter did not disappoint. The exciting part is that this is the first book in a series, and I anxiously want to read more. While I wait for the next in the series to be written, I shall be catching up on the several other promising books written by this talented author.


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