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Read It!: October 2020

By Nicole McManus

Happy October! October is National Reading Group Month. If you are in a Reading Group, then you are definitely going to want to look into these historical fiction novels.

The Royal Governess

Written by Wendy Holden

Cover of The Royal Governess

Queen Elizabeth II is a very famous royal. Most everyone in the world knows about her. However, very few know about Marion Crawford. Marion was the governess for the then princess and her sister. This story follows Marion, while she was in school to the day she was hired by the then Duke and Duchess of York. The author takes us through WWII and through Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip. Seeing the world and the future of the monarchy through the eyes of a determined, strong woman turns the tables on the history books. Wendy Holden’s writing will fascinate readers as they quickly speed through the pages of this incredible book.

Beyond the Fences

Written by Muriel Sheubrooks

Cover of Beyond the Fences

Local author, Muriel Sheubrooks, has written a poignant coming-of-age novel. Marilyn White grew up on a farm in a small town in Kentucky, but she always dreamed of the world beyond. Helping the family care for her younger sister, Marilyn makes plans for her future. Soon she finds herself in the high-speed world of European fashion, but family secrets call her home. Marilyn must choose between the life she has always known versus the life she has always dreamed of. The picturesque scenes provide readers an escape into another world/time. Readers will want to keep an eye out for future books.

Old Abe

Written by John Cribb

Cover of Old Abe

We all know the back story of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, but did we ever consider what his life was truly like. This book takes readers on the epic journey of the last five years of Lincoln’s life. From the moment he is elected, to the bloody battlefields in Virginia, to the loss of his second child, Lincoln faced incredible struggles. His marriage faced hardships, but the love between Lincoln and his wife is inspiring. Author, John Cribb does an excellent job depicting Lincoln’s life and final moments. History buffs and historical fiction fans will want to read this book.


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  1. After reading both of John Cribb’s novels about Lincoln, The Rail Splitter
    and Old Abe, I feel like I actually knew Abe as a friend or neighbor. In these books we come to share Lincoln’s thought processes, his hopes, and concerns family and country. Thank you, John Cribb!

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