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Sasee Gets Personal with Cissy Murdaugh: Member of The Lakes at Litchfield

Q: When did you move to the Grand Strand?
My husband, John Murphy, and I lived in Fayetteville, but we spent a lot of time traveling to the beach for vacation. We loved to shag dance and enjoyed the atmosphere here. In 1996, we decided to live our best life and bought a lot in Willbrook Plantation.

Q: Why did you decide to relocate to The Lakes at Litchfield?
After the passing of my loving and outgoing husband, I didn’t want to stay in our big house by myself, eating alone, and taking care of all its maintenance. One of my widowed friends told me his move to the Lakes was the best move he could have made. I came to tour and knew this was the place for me because I would have a sense of community as well as the ability to dine with others. The living arrangements were enticing as well. I adore how spacious my cottage is and that I can still have a view of the creek off my porch just like I had at our Willbrook house. This place and these people are the best support system!

Q: Do you participate in any types of activities that help you continue to live well?
The Lakes offers so many activities, which is another reason I moved here. My favorite activity is playing bridge with my group of friends. We also participate in Happy Hour every week and go out for lunch together. Most recently, I have begun learning how to play another game called Mah Jong. Our neighborhood is also wonderful to walk in, but when the weather does not permit, I also have my stationary bike and weights I do in the sunroom. I certainly like to stay busy and on the move!

Q: Are you a go-with-the-flow person or do you need to create a routine?
As an only child and previous business owner, I have always been very self-reliant and a thoughtful decision-maker. Even after dating John for a year and a half when he asked me to marry him, I told him I’d think about it, and 10 years later, I finally said yes. We both laughed about that for many years, but honestly, I think I’m both types now, depending on the situation. Some things I like to keep the same, such as going to Quigley’s on Sundays to visit with friends at the bar as well as Ten-Buck Tuesdays for their delicious baby back ribs. Although I have a general weekly routine, I do appreciate when I’m offered the opportunity to do something random and exciting!

Q: How do you define what a “healthy” life is for you personally?
When I’m at home, I adore spending time with my 2 cats that I rescued locally, Boogie & Dixie. I also still enjoy going to the beach to walk or sit and relax while listening to the waves. Staying active in my church is also very important to me as well as helping others. As you can probably tell, I am a very extroverted person, so I like interacting with others, in fact, you might say I require often interactions with others. The Lakes provide that aspect for me because there are so many welcoming people here; it feels like another family.

The Lakes at Litchfield
843-353-6040 • 120 Lakes at Litchfield Drive • Pawleys Island, SC 29585 • www.lakes-litchfield.com

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