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Sasee Gets Personal with Daniel Walters: Laid Back Charters

Sasee Gets Personal with Daniel Walters: Laid Back Charters

“Better to fight for something than to live for nothing” by George S. Patton is Daniel’s favorite quote.

Daniel’s parents have owned a home along the Grand Strand since the late 1990s and Daniel has owned his current home in Ocean Isle Beach since 2018.

In 2020, Daniel’s biggest lesson learned was that life is fleeting and he decided to live life to the fullest and make his dreams a reality!

Laid Back Charters opened for business in the spring of 2021 giving families and friends a chance to make wonderful memories together on a private fishing trip while safely bringing home their catch.

Daniel’s most-loved decade is the late 80s and early 90s because of the great music and the simplistic lifestyle of not needing a smart phone.

Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea is Daniel’s most treasured book because it is the story of life and death which is something we all deal with. The Old Man sees the sea as both life and death; the sea is beautiful and during life, you enjoy it, but the sea can also take your life.

Daniel’s “me time” is spent hunting and fishing. One of the biggest reasons why Laid Back Charters is so important to Daniel is because it is a way for him to spend “me time,” but with family and friends.

It’s no surprise that fresh seafood is Daniel’s top choice for cuisine. He enjoys catching it, cleaning it, and finding new ways to cook it!


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