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Sasee Gets Personal with Jessica Hughes: Owner of Pink & Red

Q: When did you fall in love with fashion?
“I remember looking at magazines as a young girl and trying to recreate looks with items I had in my closet. I realized quickly I liked things that were lively, full of color or pattern. I also used to LOVE watching Miss America or Miss USA. If it sparkled, I wanted to wear it. (That still rings true.)”

Q: Which 2023 fashion trends are you most excited for?
“Magenta is the 2023 color of the year, and at Pink & Red, we enthusiastically embrace this! I’m also truly in love with the resurgence of feminine details on clothing right now. Soft ruffles, flowing fabrics, beautiful florals, and lots of colors make it truly fun to select outfits.”

Q: When and why did you open Pink & Red?
“We opened Pink & Red on May 1, 2021. When the previous store was closing and an opportunity presented itself, I knew it would be the chance of a lifetime to share the joy of dressing up with our customers. We have been so blessed by the support our little store has been given by the community.”

Q: What is Pink & Red’s mission? 
“Our mission is to Inspire Delight. Everything we do, say, post, sell, or share is done with the intention of delighting our clients. Life throws a lot of curve balls at each of us, and there is so much that’s out of our control – but we know that every day each person must get dressed. We hope each day we can help you choose something to wear for any occasion that can bring some delight your way!”

Q: Do you have any nostalgic perfume memories?
“Scents are such powerful drivers of memories. Every time I smell Chanel No. 5, I think of my grandmother. She wore it all the time and gifted me my first bottle of it when I was in middle school. Another special fragrance memory for me is my Bridal Bouquet full of roses. Just after our wedding, I went on a trip with the intention of finding a fragrance that would remind me of its sweet scent. I found the perfect one: Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile.”

Q: Does your personality match your style?
“I’m a person who genuinely finds joy in lots of things each day. I think it’s true that while not every day is a good day, there is good IN every day. My closet looks like a rainbow exploded inside it and it’s full of detail. I hope my style full of color and bright patterns reflects the joy I find in things around me.”

Q: What are your favorite ways to dress up?
“Whether it’s a small thing like a lipstick/nail polish shade or a big thing like a piece of furniture or a wallpaper at home – Color is a fun way to bring life to your day! One of my favorite rooms in our home is my office. With a beautiful blush pink ceiling and blush pink zebra striped wallpaper, it’s a fun, feminine wonderland!”

Q: Do you believe it’s important to express yourself through fashion?
“I believe your clothing and appearance is a reflection of you, NOT a definition of you. It’s true I LOVE to dress up and am excited when I’m able to get new bright, fun dresses or clothes but there are also times when I need to rest and just grab the oldest, most comfortable thing I can find. (My go-to lounge shorts are from 1997 when I moved onto campus to begin college!) I love to fix my hair or makeup for the day, but there are also times I need to run a quick errand and will head out with a ballcap and fresh face. We, women, can be both! We can love color but enjoy a little black dress. We can be a skilled makeup artist who chooses not to wear makeup. We can enjoy a trend on our best friend, but not have to get the same thing for ourselves. There are no rules. I love being able to embrace fashion or style for where I am, how I feel, or what I’m doing that day; and appreciate the ability to know it’s okay if that is different from one day to the next.”

Pink & Red
843-839-3571 • 5900 N. Kings Hwy • Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 • www.shoppinkandred.com

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