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Sasee Gets Personal with Kathryn Flewelling & Timmeri Massey: Wonder & Wilde

Q: What was the inspiration behind opening your shop?
“Wonder & Wilde opened on Jan 21st, 2023. Our inspiration for opening the store was definitely our children. We have 5 kids between the two of us. Our styles are more west coast, urban hip, so we created what we call a ‘shop for cool kids.’”

Q: Why did y’all decide to go into business together?
“We met in 2021 when our daughters had become best buds at the preschool they attended. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were having just as much fun as they were when we were together. Our girls brought us together and we are so thankful for our friendship and theirs. Opening the store together just fell into place.”

Q: Is there a story behind the name?
“We played around with a few names, but we knew this was the winner early on. We wanted a name that embodied childhood. Children are so full of wonder. Wonder is defined as a “feeling of surprise, mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful and unexpected.” What better way to describe a child? The word Wilde speaks for itself. If you are a parent, then you know exactly what we mean. We added the ‘E’ just to make it more unique and more us.”

Q: What makes Wonder & Wilde unique from other children’s stores?
“We are unique because we offer a lot of brands no one else in Myrtle Beach offers. We were very specific and thoughtful when we curated the collections for the store. Although our size range is 2-8, we do have something for every age. We have a rad collection of clothes, shoes, books, toys, gifts, and accessories. We really have it all!”

Q: How do your families celebrate Mother’s Day?
“The most perfect Mother’s Day for us is spending quality time with our moms and our children. Time is the most precious gift we can ever give each other.”

Wonder & Wilde
843.848.9955 • 4377 N. Kings Hwy Suite #105 • Myrtle Beach • www.wonderandwilde.com

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