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Sasee Gets Personal with Lauren Riddei & Susan Seagroves: Thrill of the Hunt Producers

Lauren Riddei, owner of “LouLou Interiors,” pursued a career in design after her wedding in 2017 when she realized how much fun she had decorating the venue. She explored design classes, gained experience in an internship, found a brilliant mentor (Susan), and one year later, had her very first interior design client. Lauren enjoys the architectural and finish selection process that comes with new builds and custom renovations. Her signature style is modern yet soulful and has a collected aesthetic about it. Lauren believes that the most successful projects are the collaborations between designer and client. She explained, “I enjoy coaching clients into taking risks, affirming their ideas yet elevating them. My mission is to bring clients into the creative process so that each design reflects their lifestyle, personality, and unique journey.”

Susan Seagroves, owner of “Interiors and Exteriors,” pursued a career in design because she found inspiration everywhere. Thirty years ago, she renovated a 1960s estate with no prior experience. The process was enjoyable, and her style and taste were well received by family and friends. Design became her passion, and her business was born. She is self-taught by experience and travel and is a very detail-oriented person. Her visions create a mood in harmony with people’s lives and memories. Susan believes that design is a balance of objects in proportion and scale with a clean eye on function. She explained, “the details of pattern, texture, and color are what make a space fun and talked about. I like to shape the whole experience: The architecture, the grounds, the interior, the lighting. My home is my story, as yours can be also!”

Why did y’all start the Thrill of the Hunt together?
“The Habitat of Humanity executive director, Jason Greene, gave us a platform to build awareness about the ReStore. With our shared love of found objects, reimaging spaces, and a desire to give back to our community, the Thrill of the Hunt was born. We are looking forward to the exposure Sasee will give our platform for Habitat and the ReStore in 2022.”

What is the mission/vision of this collaboration?
“Most people would walk by 90% of the items we write about in our monthly digest. Our mission is to celebrate the unexpected! We highlight interesting design details and show others how to turn recycled discards into fabulous statements. Our collaborations are fun, spirited, and hopefully inspiring for our audience.”

How do you find a good work-life balance?
“Work-life balance is simple; Pace yourself and do not over commit. Projects lose joy when you have too many on your plate. Be very present and on task while working but also schedule in hours of quiet, music, reading, exercise, and nature. Harmony of mind is just as important as a paycheck.”

What advice do you have for another woman hoping to start her own business?
“Just be you and own it! No need to compare yourself to others. You are special, one of a kind, and on your own unique journey. Enjoy the process!”

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