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Sasee gets Personal with Pam Burnett: Saltwater Storks & More

“The best advice I ever received from my mom wasn’t something she said but rather how she lives her life. She loves sipping coffee in the morning while she begins her day with daily devotionals. She demonstrates a commitment to her family, friends, and church and instills in us a sense of obligation to serve others. To this day, she is more proud of us for what we do for others than what we do for ourselves,” stated Pam.

As a mother herself, the best advice Pam bestowed upon her children was simply showing them positive ways to live a good life so that they had a template to go by for their own life. She explained, “Be positive, surround yourself with people that have good influences, trust in God, work hard, and know that nothing is given to you without it, and last but not least, they knew that I, as their mother, will ALWAYS be there for them through the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

A year ago, Saltwater Storks & More was born right after the birth of Pam’s first grandson. As the mother of two sons, she was so delighted to have her first grandchild. To celebrate, she wanted to give the gift of a stork lawn sign to announce the birth to all of their friends and neighbors. When there was not a stork-making business to be found in our area, Pam ended up driving to Charleston to pick one up. After this adventure, she decided the people of the Grand Strand needed to be able to easily purchase this precious gift, so she started her own venture.

Pam’s business offers stork lawn signs to announce the birth of a new baby including the baby’s name, weight, height, and date of birth. The bundle is left behind when the stork flies away after a week. Something that makes her business even more unique is that she not only offers grandparent stork signs so they can announce the birth of their new grandson or granddaughter but also Big Brothers and Sisters with their sibling stars as well as precious fur babies. Pam also designs oyster shells straight from our inlet with the baby’s name on it as an extra special gift for the new baby.

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