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Selecting the Wedding Gown is Just the Beginning

When selecting a wedding gown, a bride normally chooses a design that appeals to her style: what she likes, what she doesn’t, how she wants her guests to see and remember her, how she wants to feel when she looks back at her photos from the day in 20, 30, even 40 years from now. It’s a decision that brides often put a lot of thought and stock into–and rightfully so.

But selecting the wedding gown is just the beginning. As a bridal stylist, I am a huge fan of finding creative ways to incorporate my client’s personal style into the overall wedding weekend attire–from the welcome parties to the reception to the farewell brunch. I’ve found that a well thought out “style plan” for the weekend is the perfect way to highlight her personality and conjure a connective thread throughout the various events. Through thoughtful fashion, we inject a cohesive, polished, and perfectly personal touch into the entire weekend.

I work with brides of all fashion tastes. Some are super traditional, some more boho chic, some very fashion forward. But all have one thing in common: they want their wedding attire to be a true reflection of themselves and their personality. There is no rule book–a bride can use her wedding events to really showcase who she is as a person and all the various sides of her personality.

If the ceremony and wedding gown are super traditional, we look for an opportunity to change into a reception outfit that highlights another aspect of herself. Yes, the idea of an outfit change has been popular throughout the last decade, but today’s brides are more creative than ever.

One of my brides recently slipped into a pant suit for her reception. Her wedding design had more masculine touches to it and she feels her best in a killer suit so she went for it and rocked it.

Another bride wore her mother’s gown during her ceremony, but had a new gown custom made for her reception. She is an event designer and chose a patterned fabric for her brunch wedding reception to keep things light and fresh–very fitting with the time of day and the reception’s overall vibe.

I encourage you to let guests see glimpses of your personality throughout the weekend. One of my brides hosted an African-inspired rehearsal dinner complete with authentic fare, and had a traditional outfit for the event made in Kenya. She selected her fabric and had a hand in the entire process; it was such a clever way to honor her heritage.

A bride should look at her wedding weekend attire not as just another chance to wear white. These special events allow you to showcase through fashion exactly who you are as an individual–an important opportunity as you enter into and celebrate your marriage.