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A Life Restored

I’m originally from Florida where I operated an automotive body shop. In 2001 I moved to Hickory, North Carolina. My former husband was an airline pilot, and we opened a motorcycle business which I ran because he was away a lot. I love to ride and was president of the first female motorcycle group in North Carolina, the Chrome Divas. We divorced and I moved to Murrells Inlet, but I still ride and have my own bike.

Probably because of all the time I’ve spent on motorcycles, I developed degenerative disk disease in my 50s and am in constant pain. I ended up under the care of a pain management clinic, taking opioids daily. Then, three years ago, my only daughter passed away. She had taken a combination of allergy medicine and cough syrup and had a medically induced heart attack. My husband, Dave, and I found her. This began a downward spiral of anxiety, pain and depression, and I was taking medications for all of it.

I live on the Prince Creek Parkway and would stop by the bagel shop on my way to work in the mornings. I saw Jerry’s store, Your CBD Store, and met him while it was still under construction. We hit it off immediately. I trained at his other store in Georgia and then started working here as store manager. I still spend a lot of time reading and doing research – there’s so much to learn!

I started taking CBD to get off of the medications and I did – I don’t take any pain or anxiety medications. I also use our relief cream for my sciatica. Before I met Jerry, I was taking another brand, but our SunMed CBD is much more effective. All CBD is made from the hemp plant – NOT the marijuana plant. It is legal in all 50 states. We use the whole plant and you get a wider range of cannabinoids. Hemp actually has 100 different cannabinoids, and they extract the ones that are beneficial. SunMed also uses third party lab testing and puts a lab report on every bottle. This ensures you get the same amount of each cannabinoid every time.

Before taking CBD, I was having a lot of emotional ups and downs. I didn’t like who I had become. Between the pain medication and medication for anxiety, I was not really here. Taking the full spectrum oil keeps me calm and works like an antidepressant. It has completely changed my life. My nerve pain did come back because it’s no longer being masked by the drugs, but it’s easier to handle. Using the relief cream keeps me going. I’m able to enjoy my husband and my granddaughter, Britney, who’s 19 and in school at UNC Charlotte. My life is good again.

I love being able to help people. I’ve met people with Parkinson’s, children with ADHD and much more. The product works well on animals also. One man’s older dog had a lot of fatty tumors, and they disappeared after he started giving the dog CBD oil. We have a lot of repeat customers. A woman with lupus was unable to drive and now she’s working part time. Another man couldn’t rotate his shoulder at all and after one application of relief cream, he was able to move it again. He left here in tears of joy.

We can’t diagnose your problems, but we can help you learn more about CBD. We love talking to customers and offer free samples. Your CBD Store has over 500 locations and Jerry Lasky, the owner of the Murrells Inlet location, has another store in Canton, Georgia.

Stop by and see Sandy and Jerry at Your CBD Store, located at 11920 Hwy 707 (& TPC Boulevard) in the Publix Shopping Center in Murrells Inlet. Store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm and Sunday noon-5pm. For more information, call 843-357-2231.

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