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Camp Like A Girl

The past two years have taught us so many things in life. Everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Jobs can be lost. The housing market has astronomical prices. Food shortages have caused empty shelves at the grocery store. Isn’t life meant to be lived and enjoyed? Life isn’t meant to be filled with stress, worry, and fear 24/7.

So, what are we waiting for to enjoy life? Why are we waiting? More time? More money in savings? The stars to align?

There is a new community out there and it is very exciting! Camping whether in tents, trailers, vans, motorhomes, etc., has been going on for many years. The first RV (motorhome version) was built in 1904 onto an automobile and it has changed and grown since then. Covered wagons were campers if you stop and think about it. Now, there are women who are purchasing tents, RVs, vans, etc., and going camping on their own!

Why, you might ask? Their motivation ranges from just needing time away to making it a full-time home on wheels. Camping allows time to relax, unwind, unplug, and get back to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. These women want less stress, less pressure to pay bills, and time to breathe. Some of these women have grown up camping their whole lives with their families so it comes naturally to want to camp on their own. Some women have made campers their new home due to the rising rent and housing prices. All these reasons are just a drop in the bucket as to why women have started camping on their own.

The community, or team, of female campers have social media groups and rallies all over the United States. These women are forming friendships, support groups…a team! They encourage and lift each other up. They are learning from each other on their own unique camping journey. They are enjoying life!

These campers are being restored and remodeled. Redecorated. Personalized in their own way. They look amazing, by the way!! Women are conquering their fears as they are on their camping journey. They are learning how to drive or tow a camper, back it up (not an easy task), and fill and empty tanks. Some of these women have lost their spouses yet they don’t want to stop camping, so they are facing their fears of traveling alone. They are learning how to fix clogs and leaks, organize their camper cabinets, start a campfire, live minimally, and slow down long enough to watch the stars. These ladies are ROCKING IT!

They are sharing their stories, fears, successes, failures, questions, and pictures around the campfire and on social media. These women are NOT waiting for the stars to align, “enough” money in the bank, or until they get an undeniable sign. They are camping now.

Some of these women are married with a family and career. Sometimes they go camping on their own or with other women campers so they can de-stress, recharge, and have time for themselves. They are enjoying these camping adventures and making memories to last a lifetime. Some women live in their camper and work remotely. And some are lucky enough to just hit the road and go and enjoy retirement!

Every woman’s story is different and each is inspiring. I believe that each woman taking advantage of the camping life and its opportunities is brave, strong, and motivating to us all. They encourage us to GO FOR IT!

So I ask you, why wait? What are you waiting for anyway?? Join the team and Camp Like a Girl!!

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