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Cover Artist: Karrie Evenson

Karrie Evenson is an international selling artist from Northwest Arkansas. Her creative journey has led to many adventures over the years such as hosting her own painting TV show, teaching workshops and traveling to art shows. Karrie has sold her works all over the world developing relationships with her collectors which have led her to licensing opportunities such as At Home, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby as well as online retailers.

Karrie’s inspiration comes from her three children, as well as animals and nature. She embraces each moment and lives in the joy of the little things. Spending much time in her studio, her vision is to create work that makes others feel happy and inspired.

“I create my work in hopes of sharing laughter and smiles with others. I believe everyone should be able to bring a little bit of happiness home. We could all use more happy.” –Karrie Evenson



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