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Sasee Gets Personal with Michael Fink: Executive Director for Brightwater

“Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room.”

Grew up in Conway and has been living in Myrtle Beach for over 10 years

In 2020, Michael’s most important lessons learned were: to focus on adapting to change, to practice effective communication, and to possess a servant leadership mindset

Michael’s 2021 goals are to run a 5k every quarter, read one book every month, and spend more time with family

His favorite band is Dave Matthews Band

His favorite show is The Office because he loves the actors and their humor

Golfing is Michael’s favorite way to relax • Italian is his favorite food

His favorite book is Start with “Why” by Simon Sinek which is a book that helps you understand the importance of finding your “why” and not what you do

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