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Read It for Kids: May 2020

By Nicole McManus

Fred and Ted: A Day at the Beach

Written by Lizzie Gallo
Illustrated by Carolyn Pais

Cover of Fred and Ted: A Day at the Beach

The mischievous little bears, Fred and Ted, are back. This time they are headed to the beach. They get to see sand and waves and meet animals that live in the ocean. However this turns out to not be just a fun day at the beach, because Fred and Ted see several animals in need of help. A sea turtle, a dolphin, and a pelican all have different types of litter causing them harm. Will Fred and Ted be able to save them all?

This adorable picture book is beautifully illustrated. This story will teach children how they can help save animals, too. Whole families will enjoy reading this together and coming with ways to recycle to help the environment.

I Can! Adventures with Birdie (A Magnificent Brookgreen Gardens Story House Book)

Written by Suzi Youatt
Illustrated by Suzi Youatt

Cover of I Can! Adventures with Birdie (A Magnificent Brookgreen Gardens Story House Book)

Birdie is very young and wants to know who he is, so while his parents are away he leaves the nest for an adventure. Birdie meets lots of different birds, and he learns what makes each of them unique. Despite their differences he makes friends with each and every one of them.

This book is all about making friends and learning what makes us all special. The illustrations are wonderfully lifelike, and the book includes interesting facts about eagles. This is a must have for children of any age.

Lubbers & Weavers & Bees – Oh My!

Written by Liz Gallo
Illustrated by Millie Doud

Cover of Lubbers & Weavers & Bees – Oh My!

Matilda is terrified of bees and her sister, Annabelle, loves all insects. Both sisters enjoy their trips to Brookgreen Gardens. One day, Annabelle decides to teach her sister all about bee facts, but Matilda falls asleep. Matilda has a dream and learns how important bees are in every aspect of life.

This book teaches families about the importance of bees. Filled with lots of facts about different insects, this book gives inspiration for families to plant flowers to do their part.


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