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Sasee Gets Personal with Dawn Richardson: Grady’s Jewelers

With high hopes, talent, and just a handful of jewelry, Dawn’s father, Grady opened a jewelry shop in 1970. Along with the help of Dawn’s mother, Adelle, the family successfully created a thriving business in Downtown Conway. Just as Dawn earned her degree at Coastal Carolina University, she took over ownership of the store and the jewelry repair department in the early 2000s. Although a lot has changed and grown in the shop over the last 52 years, one thing has remained the same: Grady’s Jewelers has outstanding customer service as well as an excellent selection of fine jewelry. It is also the perfect place to shop for all occasions worth celebrating.

A memorable purchase is one of Dawn’s favorite ways to celebrate along with a trip, vacation, or a party. When it comes to an exquisite party, she believes that it should have several elements including good food, great friends, and the addition of a theme is the cherry on top. As far as food, Dawn likes charcuterie boards and recently saw a “breakfast board” that would be great for brunch as it was made up of waffles, bacon, sausage, and pastries. Her favorite refreshing drinks to sip during the summertime are lemonade and of course, ice-cold sweet tea. Attending a party is fun, but she also enjoys helping plan and decorate. Another aspect of a good party that most can agree on is that playing good music is a definite necessity.

Dawn’s husband is a musician, and she has always cherished experiencing live music. Some of her favorite bands are the Eagles, Casting Crowns, CT Townsend, Garth Brooks, and Chris Stapleton. She has always loved many different types of artists and is appreciative of all genres. She explained, “When I hear certain songs, they take me back to a specific place in time and it can totally change my outlook and mood at the time.” For Dawn, every day is the perfect day to celebrate.

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