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Sasee Gets Personal with Roger Hudgins: Define Wealth Financial Group Owner

Q: What is the history and mission of Define Wealth?
“The business was originally opened in the mid-1980s, but it wasn’t until 2021 that we decided to create our own logo, brand, and marketing campaign as Define Wealth Financial Group. After working in the same office for 18 years, I became a part-owner in 2022 with my business partner Michael Milbee. Our team’s mission is to help our clients truly define what wealth means to them and then take the necessary steps to help them achieve that goal. Wealth can be a certain amount of money, it could mean having more time with family, or it could be retiring in a certain location. Every person has their own definition of wealth, and we are here to work hand and hand with our clients as they work toward their goals.”

Q: What is the best adventure you have ever taken on in life?
“Hands down, becoming a dad is the best adventure I have ever taken on. Every day is something different, a new opportunity to teach your kids. More importantly, a new opportunity to learn from your kids. Being able to see things through their eyes is quite amazing and at times, it is straight comedic gold.”

Q: Where does your family like to travel?
“I enjoy planning our trips and I always like visiting places that are a first for both me and my kids. They have this look of amazement on their faces, and they look to me for some sort of calm guidance. They don’t realize that my inner child is just as amazed as they are. It is cool sharing that feeling with them.”

Q: Do you have a destination you are dreaming of visiting?
“Australia would definitely be a bucket list type of trip for me. Of course, an overwater bungalow in the Maldives would be a fun trip also. I enjoy the outdoors and have seen some interesting glamping options I’d add to my list.”

Q: How would you describe your perfect day of vacation?
“I enjoy a good adventure but when I travel, I truly like to relax. As simple as it sounds, I enjoy crystal blue water, powder sand, and an island breeze. When you see the commercials that show a hammock swinging over the ocean because it is hooked to your overwater bungalow and someone is bringing your food and beverages to you on a tray that floats in your private pool, well that sounds perfect to me.”

Q: What do you believe are the benefits of travel and taking on new adventures?
“The best benefits of traveling are being able to meet new people, see different ways of life, and learn different beliefs/customs. This can be experienced when traveling across the globe, across the country, or even across the state – there’s always more to learn and explore.”

Define Wealth Financial Group
Pawleys Island • 843-314-0496 • www.definewealth.com

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