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Misty Elmore: Iron Sharpens Iron

As Misty Elmore and her husband, Derek, transitioned from the mountains of Virginia to the beach life along the Grand Strand, they soon after transitioned from high school teachers into a new type of teaching – nutrition, fitness, and wellness. In November of 2020, the couple purchased an ISI Elite Training franchise in North Myrtle Beach, which is a group fitness gym that provides a family feel and strong accountability that many trainees need. ISI is compared to personal training in the way that each exercise has multiple modifications so that advanced clients can be challenged and those who are new or have a physical issue, are still able to achieve the same workout.

In February of 2021, the Elmores opened the NMB Wellness Studio as a sister store because they understand that with fitness and training, there is always a need for flexibility and nutrition as well. “You can’t out-work your fork,” Misty said. The studio is also a great way to spend more one-on-one time with clients and understand their personal struggles, so they can give them the all-around support they need. The Wellness Studio offers stretch appointments, nutrition coaching, seminars, yoga instruction, and sports performance training for local athletes.

As teachers and coaches, they have always wanted to help others grow and they were specifically drawn to this career field because of their athletic backgrounds. Misty taught English and coached softball while Derek taught computer science and coached basketball. They wanted to coach and mentor in a new way. Now, Misty is a sport and fitness nutrition specialist and is certified in mobility and flexibility while Derek is a sports performance specialist and is certified in personal fitness.

“As an educator and lifelong learner, the opportunity to provide wellness advice for others is rewarding, especially for people who feel like it’s ‘too late’ for them, and you get that a lot. People who are over thirty often think, ‘oh I could’ve done it in my twenties, when I had more time, when I was more in shape, before I had kids, a career, etc.’ I love being able to help them learn what they can and cannot do and find their balance.” Misty explained. Everything is personalized because health and wellness are different for everyone. They personalize it by using a DNA test that provides a roadmap to someone’s genetics. The forty-page report includes specific details about someone’s personal vitamin deficiencies, macro suggestions, caffeine sensitivity, lactose tolerance, fitness and exercise guidelines, etc. Providing this information and guidance is so meaningful and adds significant value to one’s wellness.

When I asked Misty what the most important thing was that she tells her clients, she replied, “EAT! More often than not, people are not eating enough. The majority of our clients do not get enough in their bodies to keep them sufficiently going. Our society has been engrained to think that eating less will help us lose weight, which is not the case. It’s WHAT you eat, especially if you’re working out. If you eat too little, your body is going to hold onto those calories and hold them as fat actually, and in order to lose fat, you have to know how your body responds to exercise and diet, which is the type of information we analyze through the DNA test and personalized vitamins.” For example, Misty’s DNA showed that she needs strength training with cardio bursts, making ISI a great workout for her. She also spends time riding her bike, running on the beach, and doing other exercises that get her heart rate up.

Thanks to the DNA testing, Misty’s morning routine has become better as well. She eats within thirty minutes of waking up to speed up her metabolism because she is battling an issue that causes her to hold onto water and have increased inflammation. Giving her body fuel right away, following her vitamin regimen, and getting in a workout before lunchtime is the perfect way for her to have a successful and healthy morning to start her day. Misty is a positive person but definitely receives extra motivation from running a business with her husband. Plus, knowing that she is making a difference for others and their wellness is a huge bonus.

On most days, but especially stressful days, Misty takes time to focus on her breathing and center herself. She also practices affirmation building daily and enjoys helping others create the habit for themselves. She uses her role at work to speak a lot of her personal thoughts and emotions out loud. Sharing with others is a good way to connect with clients and she strongly believes emotions need to be set free. Talking emotions/thoughts through and working out are great ways to move through them. Another great way to express yourself is through music, which they both love. When you walk into the gym, you will most likely hear something from the ‘90s playing. Derek also listens to hard-core, inspirational podcasts, and Misty listens in for the good advice and makes the concepts more approachable to spread to her clients.

In Misty’s eyes, new year’s resolutions can be helpful, but she also thinks, “Imagine where you could be on January 1st if you just started what you planned today or whatever day. One significant date or event does not necessarily define when you should start a goal to live better. It’s about quality of life, so why wait? And sometimes, if someone falters during their new year’s resolution early in, they will just give up whereas if you start whenever, it’s not surrounding this one thing with so much pressure.” As far as advice to someone new, Misty says, “Give yourself grace. You can’t make changes in a day, but every day is a good day to try to reach your goals.”

The pillars of wellness are all tied together. The Elmores are successful because they understand how important it is to give equal attention to ALL elements. Misty explained, “Even if you are really focused on your physical workouts but having mental or emotional struggles, you’re not going to get where you want to be. What you feed your body and brain are connected to your overall wellness. Balance is key and we are here to help you discover yours.”

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  1. Misty and Derek are the best at motivating each of us that go to their gym everyday to reach our goals. Not to set unrealistic goals, but weekly or monthly goals. I have been going to the ISI Elite Training NMB for about a year and I have never felt better, physically. mentally. and emotionally. Those of us that go regularly, we are family. We help each other when someone is new or having a bad day. That’s what Misty and Derek have created and I love them for them and I am so thankful for them. They truly are amazing people.

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