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Sasee Gets Personal with Erik Hanson: The Mole Hole of Myrtle Beach Owner

Q: When and why did you move to the Grand Strand?
“I moved here when I was 8 years old with my parents, Sybil and Everett Hanson, to open our family’s business 50 years ago. At the time, it was known as the Candlewood Shop, and we mostly sold hand-made candles. After my father passed, my mother married Bill Wickliffe. During the 80s, our family bought into the Mole Hole franchise which renovated our stores to showcase more name-brand jewelry and unique gifts.”

Q: When did you become the owner of The Mole Hole?
“Over the years, the franchises across the country transformed into independently-owned businesses. I’ve been a stockholder since 2019, but after the recent passing of my stepfather, I became the president and owner of Myrtle Beach’s local storefronts. Fortunately, I still have my mom around for advice and guidance along the way.”

Q: If I walked into your shop today, what kind of senses would I experience?
“Since being independently owned, we really strive to be as different and eclectic as possible. When you visit, you will experience stimulating sights such as sparkles of jewelry, creatively made wall art, and beautiful handblown glass. You will also get a sensational whiff of warm, homey scents from the candles and personal care products. We always guarantee an exciting assortment of boutique items.”

Q: When you think of summertime, what comes to mind?
“As a kid, I spent all my time at the beach surfing. As an adult and business owner, my wife and I devote most of our time to work and helping customers. Most people in the industry talk about busy holiday seasons, but summertime is truly our version of Christmas. In those rare moments when we can get away from work, we like to spend quality time with our daughters, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors.”

Q: Why should our locals & visitors shop with you this summer?
“When you support The Mole Hole of Myrtle Beach, you are also supporting local artists and craftsmen. The difference between shopping on the Internet versus with us is that we offer so much more than shopping. We create an appealing atmosphere where you can take in all the senses and enjoy the exciting experience of finding that special gift. We also truly offer something for everyone. Even our two stores aren’t the exact same, but both offer a nice mix of neat merchandise. I make it a priority to shop differently than most – I truly hunt for our unique specialties that keep our business one worth returning to again and again!”

The Mole Hole
Barefoot Landing • North Myrtle Beach • 843-272-5846
Broadway at the Beach • Myrtle Beach • 843-626-7782

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