Sasee Gets Personal with Leigh Simmons: Surf Unlimited Mercantile Owner

Q: Why should locals and visitors explore your shop this summer?
“Our shop is a treasured gem that has evolved into an integral part of the Island. Overflowing with local quality brands, it is such a fun boutique to explore. We provide shopping for the whole family and pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as an extensive selection of premium eyewear. For folks who like vacay t-shirts, all of ours are locally designed and screen printed, so all are truly unique to us!”

Q: Do you have a favorite travel memory?
“We travel extensively so we have accumulated many adventurous memories. Hands down one of our coolest would be snowmobiling through Yellowstone, just us surrounded by snowy silence and being up close to moose and elk and emerging in front of Old Faithful erupting. I also love when our trips are with family. When my daughter got married in New Zealand, all my siblings, their children, and all my children along with my only grandchild at the time spent 2 weeks exploring the north island of NZ. We rented big houses and had the best time ever. We were removed from the real world, making it an unforgettable treat that ended with a spectacular wedding on a family farm in rural Waikato. We are also huge live music lovers and often travel to see artists in various cool venues.”

Q: What adventure are you dreaming of next?
“I am so excited about several upcoming trips. In September, my youngest daughter and I will spend 10 days in Italy exploring, eating delicious food, and of course, beaching! In January, we will have our annual Costa Rica Surf Trip with a group of our buddies, which is always so low-key and easy…we surf, hike, and enjoy being off the grid in the jungle. We are also taking my husband’s trip of a lifetime in February and heading to Peru. We will hike Machu Picchu and then head north to surf the longest wave in the world in Chicama.”

Q: How would you describe your perfect day of vacation?
“The perfect vacation totally depends on where I am. I adore the ocean and islands and beaches all over the world and am perfectly content to sit, explore, and surf as often as we can. I also love hiking and outdoor adventure. I would say a perfect vacation is enjoying family time with my husband and as many of my kids and grandkids that can join…those are the best days!”

Q: What do you believe are the benefits of experiencing new adventures?
“We are so lucky to live in an area that visitors choose to come to for their one-week vacation every year, but I also believe there are many beautiful places everywhere just waiting for us to discover. Traveling, meeting people, trying new foods…experiencing adventures makes life feel even more fulfilling!”

Surf Unlimited Mercantile
Ocean Isle Beach, NC • 910-579-1525 • @surfunlimited

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