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Sasee Gets Personal with Sarah Stapleton: Moore, Johnson & Saraniti Law Firm, P.A.

Sarah is enjoying life the most when she is walking on the beach or when she is experiencing something new and exciting.

During law school in Macon, Georgia, Sarah loved listening to the local artists on the weekend. As she walked downtown, she appreciated that she could listen to everything from jazz to rock to a one-man band.

Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, Sarah missed the coast and decided to move to the Grand Strand in October of 2020.

Eastern North Carolina BBQ is her favorite food.

Sarah’s idea of the perfect Girl’s Night is sharing a bottle of wine and pizza as they binge watch a TV show she wouldn’t watch alone.

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Taylor Swift are her top go-to artists when she is at work, but she generally listens to a little bit of everything.

Outside of work, Sarah loves exercising, visiting her friends and their pets, and reading books for fun – mostly history books.

Doctor Who is her favorite show because the story is always changing and evolving, and it has a little bit of everything – history, action, adventure, drama, comedy, a little weirdness, and even a little romance.

Sarah is looking forward to becoming more active in the Myrtle Beach community and learning more about her new home.


  1. Congratulations on your career and staying close to home town Wilmington! Don’t forget to mention your talents in the softball field! Take care of yourself!


    Mrs. Sheri Brown
    Aka Shelly’s Mom

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