Christmas Wine

By Rose Ann Sinay

I had no idea the juice was supposed to taste awful. What was wine, and was I in trouble? It was Christmas Eve 1965 and for the first time in my ten years (or for as long as I could remember) we were having company for the holiday. Dad invited a family who had arrived at their … Continued

Lights in the Night

By Sally Gosen Case

Perhaps the fading year has not been a bright one; all the more reason to count our blessings and share a glimmer with those around us. It begins every October. Some dim Sunday afternoon I climb up and poke my head into the storage space over my garage. Brushing away cobwebs, I totter backward down … Continued

We’re Pretty Wrapped Up

By Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Make your Holiday Decor stunningly beautiful with elegantly wrapped gifts that match your style. Sasee says for the lovers of all things Blue and White, the classic Chinoiserie can be stylishly carried into the Holidays. There is more to wrapping gifts than paper and bows. Be sure and compliment your gifts, dressed in finery of … Continued

Surprise at the Rescue Mission

By Erika Hoffman

Maybe it’s time to lend a helping hand rather than just use that hand to sign a check to contribute a donation to a worthy cause. As I arrived at the rescue mission, a tall man whose face reminded me of John Grisham’s approached the car. He extended his hand as he introduced himself. I … Continued

Thank You, 911!

By Erika Hoffman

“This is the other half of dumb and dumber calling!” I announced after my husband answered his cell phone. “You got a minute?” “I’m in the middle of dictating…” he sighed sounding vexed. “But, you are finished seeing patients?” “Yes.” “Well, I just thought I should tell you that if I get shot by police, … Continued

Holiday Pageantry

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It is the size of a brick and just as solid, weighing three pounds, filled with nuts and candied fruit galore including pineapple, cherries, walnuts, almonds, lemon and orange peel. Certainly this Thanksgiving will be unlike anything that any of us have ever experienced. Family will not be able to gather like other years. We … Continued

Razzle Dazzle and Hope

By Terri Elders

Our gleeful squeals echoed all the way to Highland. We quickly assembled in front of the Cadillac convertible. “I wouldn’t walk across the street to see a parade,” Daddy declared at breakfast the day before Thanksgiving. “I don’t hold with razzle-dazzle.” I shot Mama a despairing glance. That very night was the Santa Claus Lane … Continued

Blooming Roses

By Rose Ann Sinay

I started my own wish book of a bedroom filled with pillows, bookshelves and poster-covered walls. When I was a child, our family moved from one military base to another every year or two. On my first day at a new school, my mother would say, “Don’t worry, you’re a rose. You’ll bloom wherever you’re … Continued

What’s Cooking

By Ellen Fannon

As for spices, I may own three. (Do salt and pepper count as spices?) “Hey, what’re you making?” My older son had wandered into the kitchen as I was browning some breaded chicken for dinner. “Chicken with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, which I will then cover with cream of chicken soup and bake in … Continued

House of Dreams

By Jeffery Cohen

As my parents approached their sixties, my Dad wallpapered the living room one more time. Still red, but this time it was fuzzy flock paper. My folks first and only house was not their dream house – that perfect castle on a hill that only exists in fairy tales, but was, instead, a house of … Continued

Safer at Home

By Melissa Face

And as a teacher, I assigned, corrected, and scored work for my students while monitoring my children’s virtual learning. It was challenging, but we got it done safely, at home. It is true that home is a refuge, a safe space from the rest of the world. Never has that felt more true for my … Continued

Home Repair

By Erika Hoffman

My AC debacle started around the 11th. It was a Saturday, when Will, who took over the business from Curt when Curt died, answered our call. Every Friday, my old college roommate sends me a letter. Now it’s an email. We’ve kept this correspondence for 45 plus years. Over the decades, we’ve discussed many topics. … Continued

Moving Day

By Diane Stark

As I made her bed, I felt the lump again. My baby wouldn’t be sleeping under my roof that night. “You’ve already spent so much on my move to school,” my 18-year-old daughter, Julia, said. “You bought my bedding, my towels, and all of my storage stuff. I’m paying for these dorm decorations.” I nodded, … Continued


By Sally Gosen Case

But every night now, the time arrived to end my day and sit at the dining table, quietly fitting pieces together and talking with my loved ones. I found the jigsaw puzzle about a year into the renovating-and-moving-in process. It was at the bottom of one of many randomly-packed boxes. I paused in my sorting … Continued

Make ‘em Laugh, First

By Erika Hoffman

I can speak French. I can read French. But when it comes to translating a French cartoon or joke, I’m at a loss. I don’t find them funny. “Never cook bacon naked,” my husband announced as he turned over the bacon, and it spat and splattered around the cooktop. “Not today,” I replied, smiling. I flipped … Continued

The Eyes Have It!

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Now, either no one recognizes me all masked up or nobody cares as they just want to get home in the safety of their own little bubble. So how are you feeling? Are you missing personal contact with your friends and family? I surely am. This COVID 19 has changed our lives in so many … Continued

The Loose Tooth Lesson

By Diane Stark

The day was just beginning, and I already felt defeated. I was overwhelmed as I looked at my To Do List for that day. So many things needed to be done that I knew I’d be up all night to get half of them done. The day was just beginning, and I already felt defeated. … Continued

The Best Medicine

By Melissa Face

I put on my glamorous paper towel gown and climbed on the cot and nervously waited for someone to reassure me that everything was okay. Early in my pregnancy, I felt a stabbing pain on the right side of my pelvis. It was constant, and I knew it should be checked to rule out an … Continued

Bird is the Word

By Rose Ann Sinay

My husband made it clear early on that he would rather build a bridge to jump off than participate in my quotidian inquisition. My favorite morning ritual is reading the Word of the Day posts on my computer while enjoying a cup of coffee. Actually, “word” of the day is misleading. I can’t stop at … Continued

Play Ball!

By Jeffery Cohen

Knowing all that, for some reason, I’m beginning to have a need to see a game — to experience America’s pastime once more. I was never much of a sportsman. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Being the fastest kid in the neighborhood, I tried out for the track team. The coaches had me pegged … Continued