Creating a Life of Beauty: Deborah Mayberry Mandrell

With her signature eclectic and stunning style, Deborah Mayberry Mandrell makes a dramatic entrance wherever she goes. From her closely cropped hair to her signature jewelry designs to her fabulous outfits, Deborah is a woman who gets attention when she enters a room. A professional model for many years, an artist and personal stylist, Deborah … Continued

My Great Escape

I long to read my book without fear of being interrupted by conversation, phone calls, or ding-dong doorbells. Viewers snicker at a prominent insurance company’s television ad campaign. In the commercial, as Cheryl watches her she-shed burn down, she vows to rebuild a fancier and frillier she-shed. Her husband, standing beside her, rolls his eyes, … Continued

Create Your Best Life

Leslie Menich, Salon Coordinator and Wellness Educator with Baddhare Clean Mission knows firsthand the benefits of eliminating toxins from her diet and environment and shares her story below. In high school, I was diagnosed with IBS and was on a variety of medications for years. In 2013, my husband, Jeremy, and I were introduced to … Continued

Book Chat: with Author, Colleen Oakley

“I cut my teeth in the magazine world,” said hugely popular, bestselling author Colleen Oakley, now promoting her third book, You Were There, Too. I asked Colleen why she left the journalism for full time writing and the answer was simple and touching. “I fell in love and got engaged,” she said with a laugh. … Continued

Out to Lunch

Because I know her parents don’t approve of her having candy, I took her aside and in a conspiratorial tone, I said, ‘Georgia, if you poop in the potty, Ama will give you candy.’ My college roomie from 45 years ago asked me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. “Anywhere you wanna go,” Cora wrote. … Continued

A Life Restored

I’m originally from Florida where I operated an automotive body shop. In 2001 I moved to Hickory, North Carolina. My former husband was an airline pilot, and we opened a motorcycle business which I ran because he was away a lot. I love to ride and was president of the first female motorcycle group in … Continued

It’s Never Too Late!

Active people stay independent longer – I see a real difference in our members at Brightwater where I work as the Wellness Director. We offer five levels of care, and those who exercise regularly move through those levels of care much more slowly if at all! Sitting a lot is the absolute worst thing you … Continued

Living Their Best Life Every Day: Brian and Sassy Henry

For those of you who have never met Brian and Sassy Henry, they are the sort of people who instantly make everyone feel at ease around them. Their success, both personal and professional, is inspiring, as well as their determination to make their community a better place for everyone. This past November, Brian was elected … Continued

What’s Wrong with You?

You see, I’m single – single and 37. And the thing is, as crazy, sad, or hard to believe as it may sound, I’m happy – fulfilled, even. Juggling paper towels, toothpaste, and a six-pack of Pellegrino (or was it a box of tampons and a bag of fun-sized Snickers? I can’t remember exactly what … Continued

Food for Health

It’s January and maybe you’ve overindulged – many people ask me what is the most effective way to lose those holiday pounds. First, increase your water intake. My clients are asked to drink two liters of water each day. When you want to get rid of fat, you have to eliminate it one way or … Continued

Message from Above

The truck violently plowed into my car’s left front end, broke my axle, and bent the wheel under my car. The image of my red car in motion flashed sporadically in my mind for two weeks, whether I was asleep or awake. I didn’t tell anybody about my premonition. Because details were unclear, I tried to forget … Continued

Thank You, Sister Friend

When I entered the conference room, I hoped no one could tell my knees were shaking, as I approached the twenty-five writers seated at four long rectangular tables laden with laptops, yellow lined tablets, and pens. It had taken two weeks to unpack and get settled into our new house. I didn’t feel settled, but … Continued

Led by Grace

Always entrepreneurs, we lived in Maryland for 17 years and owned several different businesses – my husband, Javier, is the visionary, and I am the operations person, working behind the scenes. About 15 years ago Javier left corporate America and started a commercial landscaping company. One day, one of his clients asked him if he … Continued

Beyond Spaghetti

I asked my mother why she broke the spaghetti. I expected some culinary explanation that had evolved from years of experience in home cooking. I was cleaning my home office for at least the fifth time in a month. How easily my desk became cluttered with old files. The pattern on the carpet never had … Continued

A New Grading Scale

I’ve been keeping this list for years. And I’ve never gotten an A. Not even once. For ten years, I was an elementary school teacher. I taught kindergarten for a year, second grade for two years, and the rest of my career was spent teaching children with special needs. My last year in the classroom … Continued

A Real Pain?

I was bleeding from razor nicks, my man’s chest looked like a baby’s bottom, I instantly began to itch, and she was sorry. Not nearly as sorry as I was. I thought I was indestructible, invincible, invulnerable, a real superman – until the chest pains started. In my youth, I would have written it off as … Continued

Find the Good in it

Next, I had to psych myself into thinking positive. Yes, I have cancer but I am not in pain, I am still going about my daily life doing all the things I love to do, and I’m able to spend time with all the people I love. First you need to know I have always … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Your Best Life

It’s a New Year and a new decade! And a NEW Sasee! We have seen you…and heard you…and this is the result. A magazine for you and about you. A publication to inspire you to live your very best life in this decade and beyond. This is your Sasee Magazine! Please let us know what … Continued

Cover Artist: Amanda Tucker

Amanda Ryan Tucker is an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from VCU with her BFA concentrating on painting and printmaking. Amanda’s work is most known for the bright colors and her distinct loose brushstrokes. Amanda’s most recent works are studying the journey through life as a woman — from self love, fertility, loss, … Continued