Cover Artist: Catherine Mingus

Audrey with Flowers, by Catherine Mingus A native of Southern California, Catherine has always been fascinated with people and objects of the past. Growing up, the artist watched many old black and white movies and was mesmerized by the women in long white gloves and fancy hats, convinced that would be her one day! Today, … Continued

Living “Perfectly Imperfect:” Sunshine & Salty Secrets

If you ever scroll through any social media site, you’ve probably seen, or listened to, or enjoyed reading about, the women of Sunshine & Salty Secrets. Amanda Patrick, Elizabeth Ferraro, Keri Smith and Nicole Queen all live in Myrtle Beach, are married with children and have busy, successful careers. Amanda is a realtor, with Coldwell … Continued

Dressing in Color: Amy Bunn

“All I see out there now right now are animal prints,” laughed Amy Bunn when I asked her about this year’s fashion trends. Amy is the owner of The Joggling Board in Pawleys Island, a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Shop for ladies and children. “Funny you asked, we just got our last resort delivery and, low … Continued

Read It: February 2020

Love is in the air… and who doesn’t love a fantastic book or two? Below are two remarkable love stories, perfect for this extended February. (Leap years give us all an extra day of reading!)

The New Old Me

I myself realize I have let myself slip into the negative column of Cosmopolitan ‘Do’s and Don’ts.’ I am born with straight hair and chubby legs. Mom dresses me in darling pinafores with matching socks. Firstborn, you know. Through elementary school she still controls my appearance: uniforms and corduroys. And home perms. I never really … Continued

Youth Dew

I started wearing Youth Dew in my mid-teens, delighted to find a scent that didn’t wear off in five minutes. I can’t remember who introduced me to Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew, but it was love at first whiff. Youth Dew started out as a bath oil, but because of its success, the manufacture of the … Continued

Love What You Do and Where You Are: Ginger Gray

Ginger Gray, owner of Doodlebugs Children’s Finery & Gifts in Georgetown, finds her appreciation for her quaint and beautiful hometown increases with each passing year. “More and more people are seeing the great potential we have in Georgetown. I’ve lived here since I was three years old, and growing up we had to travel to … Continued

Letter from the Editor: You Wear It Well

I learned a lot about beauty this month – not from a blog post or YouTube video, or even from our skilled, local makeup experts who work their magic from beauty counters up and down the Strand. I interviewed the four women behind Southern Salty Secrets, and they really gave me food for thought. All … Continued

The Saga of Home Improvement Drama

It all started with ten little words: Honey, I need to make a quick trip to Lowe’s. My husband, Eric, is quite handy around the house. His current home improvement project is putting up and finishing the dry wall in the garage addition at his mom’s house. When he’s done with that, he’s planning to … Continued

Learning by Giving

Being someone whose appearance was often considered sketchy at best, (hair never behaving, being too shy to smile), feeling beautiful in something was rare. As a child, I never cared about clothes – until a certain pale blue sleeveless organza with a blue satin sash appeared in my closet one day, the summer I was … Continued

A Color to Dye for

As I stared into the mirror, old age began staring back at me, and I sure didn’t like the looks of that old geezer one little bit. When I was a boy, I wanted to be just like my Dad, so when I saw photos of him in the Navy with a full beard, I … Continued

What Lies Within

The chore seemed overwhelming since my wardrobe has expanded to cover three different sizes: yesterday, today, and wishful thinking. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet in the movie Sex in the City 2? We all oohed and aahed in the theater when she unveiled her luxurious walk-in Shangri-La. Several dozen pairs of stunning designer shoes (each … Continued

Wardrobe “Dis”Function

Another shirt had watermelons all over it and some man in a grocery store line had the nerve to tell me he loved my melons. I admit it. Sometimes I feel like I am only half woman. You see I am not much of a shopper. I have to be in the right mood to … Continued

The Tao of a Couch

That couch became the background for Christmas photos, dozens of birthday parties, bridge-playing get-togethers, garden club gatherings and countless occasions through a score of years Any decorator worth her myriad of swatches would advise reupholstering, at a minimum – slipcovers, but most likely the dump. In 1979, that divan cost $500.00. A present from my … Continued

Creating a Life of Beauty: Deborah Mayberry Mandrell

With her signature eclectic and stunning style, Deborah Mayberry Mandrell makes a dramatic entrance wherever she goes. From her closely cropped hair to her signature jewelry designs to her fabulous outfits, Deborah is a woman who gets attention when she enters a room. A professional model for many years, an artist and personal stylist, Deborah … Continued

My Great Escape

I long to read my book without fear of being interrupted by conversation, phone calls, or ding-dong doorbells. Viewers snicker at a prominent insurance company’s television ad campaign. In the commercial, as Cheryl watches her she-shed burn down, she vows to rebuild a fancier and frillier she-shed. Her husband, standing beside her, rolls his eyes, … Continued

Create Your Best Life

Leslie Menich, Salon Coordinator and Wellness Educator with Baddhare Clean Mission knows firsthand the benefits of eliminating toxins from her diet and environment and shares her story below. In high school, I was diagnosed with IBS and was on a variety of medications for years. In 2013, my husband, Jeremy, and I were introduced to … Continued

Book Chat: with Author, Colleen Oakley

“I cut my teeth in the magazine world,” said hugely popular, bestselling author Colleen Oakley, now promoting her third book, You Were There, Too. I asked Colleen why she left the journalism for full time writing and the answer was simple and touching. “I fell in love and got engaged,” she said with a laugh. … Continued

Out to Lunch

Because I know her parents don’t approve of her having candy, I took her aside and in a conspiratorial tone, I said, ‘Georgia, if you poop in the potty, Ama will give you candy.’ My college roomie from 45 years ago asked me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. “Anywhere you wanna go,” Cora wrote. … Continued

A Life Restored

I’m originally from Florida where I operated an automotive body shop. In 2001 I moved to Hickory, North Carolina. My former husband was an airline pilot, and we opened a motorcycle business which I ran because he was away a lot. I love to ride and was president of the first female motorcycle group in … Continued